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This is the first in a sequence of four online asynchronous courses offered during the school year for each grade covered by the Mathematics in Context® (MiC) curriculum (6th, 7th, 8th).

Teachers enrolled will

  • automatically be subscribed to the award-winning Britannica Online School Edition.
  • have access to the Math Forum's network and extensive online resources.
  • have a login to the MiCPoW (Math in Context Problems of the Week).
  • have the opportunity to earn continuing-education credits (including Act 48 credit) from Drexel University.

  These courses will be led by Suzanne Alejandre, Max Ray, and Mai Sidawi. The courses will take place online using Blackboard/Vista. The only technical requirements are a web browser and Internet access.

Who: Teachers who want to become familiar with all of the features and resources, both text-based and online, associated with Mathematics in Context® curriculum materials.

When: September 24 - November 4, 2009
Three different courses will be offered during each of this time period. One will focus on the 6th grade curriculum, another on the 7th grade curriculum and the third on the 8th grade curriculum. Registration will close at 5 pm EDT on Friday, September 18. Participants should expect to spend 3-5 hrs per week on each course.

Course 1 Syllabi: [pdf] 6th Grade Focus || 7th Grade Focus || 8th Grade Focus

Credit: All individuals who successfully complete each course will receive a certificate indicating that they have completed 15 hours of professional development. This is equivalent to 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Pennsylvania residents will also receive the equivalent number of Act 48 credits.

Cost: $149 per 6-week course

Please email me with any questions.

Suzanne Alejandre, Director of Professional Development

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