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This course has helped me think about how I teach. It has reenforced some of what I do and made me pause and concentrate on improving other areas.


I feel that learning the Noticing/Wondering strategy has made a difference in the way I present a lesson to my students. It is a new tool to present the same material, but it has proven extremely useful in students gaining confidence and helping them engage in the problems.
--Beth Roy, Gunning Bedford Middle School, DE


I would recommend this course because it delves into and supports the Math in Context "way of thinking" which is beneficial in our classrooms. The site was easy to use, support from Suzanne was great and the math problems were engaging.


If you use MiC on a daily basis, this course would be very useful.
--Mike Franklin


Look - I have only been using MiC for three years now. Each year I go in KNOWING I am going to learn something. You just have to have an open mind and a willingness to bend. And each year that they add another resource - it just provides more room for growth. I feel that there should be (if there already isn't) a place like this where MiC teachers can go and hear stories from others, because no matter how many material resources there are, other teachers will always be the biggest and most useful resource.
--James Stockdale


The Falling Problems applet is AWESOME for estimation! Wow. I can't wait to have some of my kids play that game. I'm not sure they'll find it as engaging as I did, but I think it definitely has potential to help them think more quickly about approximate sums and differences.
--middle school teacher


I started the next pattern called Beams in the book today and used the Noticing/Wondering strategy again. I LOVE IT!! It really gets the students engaged and they feel that they can contribute, especially since there isn't any pressure to have a right answer. I will continue to use it each time we start a new pattern in this book.
--Beth Roy


Ask Dr. Math is an incredible resource. I have used it in the past, but sometimes forget about it. While surfing through it, I kept getting sidetracked. ... I have submitted questions although I can't remember what they were. I was just as impressed as Max that someone answered me so quickly and accurately.


This kind of in-depth concrete strategy is exactly what I am hoping to get out of this course. It was long, but I can see how to apply the same idea in future units. Thanks!
--middle school teacher

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