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PoW Members Discussions

We have a private area for the PoW community to have discussions about the Problems of the Week. These are a good place to go to connect with other PoW users and/or the Math Forum staff who write the PoWs and the corresponding teacher resources. There is one discussion for each service, including:


Here are ways to access them:

  1. from your My PoW Work as a Teacher area use the link to PoW Member Discussions.
  2. go to PoW Members directly: and then select from one of the discussions listed.

  3. From the blue-shaded box on any Math Fundamentals or Pre-Algebra Current Problem, use the Tips/Ideas from Teachers link to access the funpow-teachers or prealgpow-teachers discussion.

Tip: Watch this Jing screencast to get an idea about how to control the email you can receive (or not) when someone posts to a discussion.

As you browse these links, do any questions come to mind? Feel free to post those questions or any comments/observations you have in the PoW Member Discussions.

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