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What is Write Math: PoWs by Standard?

Write Math: PoWs by Standard provides a lens into the Library. The problems listed there are also in the Library. Write Math just provides two additional methods for finding them.

If your students have logins, not only can you have them submit to any of the six Current Problems but, also, any of the problems in the Library (found by using Write Math) and, also, tPoWs and/or Financial Education PoWs. As you browse, notice that each problem has a blue box with the Assign link.

Things to notice when you view Write Math:

Topic Search
Search for problems categorized by topic.
Standards Search
Search for problems categorized by state standards. Notice the National - Common Core and National - NCTM are both included in the pull-down list.

[Note: If you have a Current PoW membership, you can browse Write Math but when you get to the point of accessing an actual problem page, your login will not allow you to view it. If you have a Trial Account, you can similarly browse and you will be able to view up to 5 different Library (including what you find by browsing with Write Math) problems during your 21-day free trial access.]

View a 1-minute video: Three Parts: Current Problems, Problems Library, Write Math

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