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Teaching Mathematics with the Problems of the Week (PreAlgPoW Focus) was first offered October 2 - November 12, 2008. Below are a selection of comments from the course participants. It was decided to rename the course, PoW Class Membership: Resources & Strategies for Effective Implementation for future offerings because that title better matches the content addressed in the course.      -- Suzanne

Janet Cowan (Applewild School, Fitchburg, MA)
I would absolutely recommend this course. I think the PoWs are a deep and engaging problem solving tool. There is so much here, I still feel like I've just scratched the surface. Sharing how to rollout, move along, and respond to the same PoW with others teaching them was great.
Amirah Cutts (Pennsylvania)
I would highly suggest this course to my colleagues or anyone who is considering using PoWs in the classroom, especially as a starting point.
Barbara Delaney (Massachusetts)
I am very pleased with what I have gained as a math teacher. My teaching has evolved through this course.
Mike Forni (California)
The best thing about the course was the chance to get in the mindset of solving PoWs again. Since NCLB and the emphasis on standardized testing in the last 5+ years, I lost interest in my former use of pencil/paper PoWs in the classroom because I was afraid that there wasn't time to include it and cover everything that would be on the year-end test. The course has got me excited again to use problem solving through the electronic PoW service because I know that problem solving is one of the true purposes of mathematics. It's so much fun to see students involved in thinking and communication as required by the PoW process. The test scores don't seem quite so important any more. Plus when students truly develop the problem solving skills they should be able to use them even on the standardized tests.
David Hoffner (New York)
The course tasks led us to be able to use the PoW's. That was the point.
Marie Hogan (Traweek Middle School, West Covina, CA)
This course has made me ask more questions of my students; particularly questions that help the students gain understanding and help me see that they get the large issues embedded within problems. It has also made me want to create a class of problem solvers.
Glenys Martin (W.P. Sandin Composite High School, Saskatchewan, Canada)
The structure of the course allowed exploration, guidance, and growth in the area of teaching math. Participants' questions were answered very timely which would support the learning.
Ashley Miller (China Grove Middle School, China Grove, NC)
I wanted help learning how to use the PoWs in the first place and I now feel comfortable enough to help others begin the process.
Kirston Moore (Eisenhower Middle School, Norristown, PA)
I feel that I am prepared and have several ideas on how to implement PoWs within a classroom. The students have really enjoyed them, too.
Kate Smith (Masterman, Philadelphia, PA)
Yes, I think the Drexel Math Forum offers a wonderful opportunity to ignite students' curiosity, passion and interest in mathematical problem solving. If you want to learn how to communicate more effectively with your students about math and develop their concurrent facility for mathematical understanding and ability, then the course serves as an excellent guide to helping a participant maximize her capacity to help her students be better at math and be better communicators of math.

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