Differentiated Math Instruction:
Using Rich Problems to Reach All Learners

(Subject to change.)

Rich problems invite a variety of solution strategies. They provide an effective vehicle for accommodating a range of levels and learning styles. In this six-week course for teachers of grades 3-8, participants will explore strategies for using problem solving to build skills and concepts for struggling students and to provide challenge for those who soar. The problems will be drawn from the Math Fundamentals service (FunPoW, upper elementary grades).

Course Goals

Instructor: Claire Mead, FunPoW Coordinator

Course Requirements


Participants who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate indicating that they have completed 20 hours of professional development. This is equivalent to 2 Continuing Education Units (CEUs).

Course Activities

Week 1 – Know the Math

Week 2 – Know the Students

Week 3 – General Strategies: Creating a Community of Math Learners & Understanding the Problem

Week 4 – Strategies for Making Problems More Challenging

Week 5 – Strategies for Making Problems More Accessible

Week 6 – Putting it All Together

Please email Claire Mead with any questions.