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November 1998 Winners

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A number of people this month explained how they found the angle totals for different stars, then found a pattern in the numbers. But they didn't explain how the formula they found was really related to the picture (as opposed to just the numbers). We have one winning entry and two honorable mention entries that do explain how to relate the formula back to the picture.

Winner: Tommy Hurlbutt, Grade 10, La Cañada High School, La Cañada, California
Tommy did a super job of developing the problem and really explaining how he figured it out. It's pretty easy to follow and includes some handy pictures.

Honorable Mention: Steve Holmes, Grade 10, Germantown Academy, Fort Washington, Pennsylvania
Steve did the problem by finding the angle measures for some examples and then finding a pattern for those numbers. But then he relates the pattern back to the picture in a really nice way.

Honorable Mention: Jenny Kaplan, Grade 8, Castilleja Middle School, Palo Alto, California
Jenny tackles the problem the same way I did (as if that matters!). It doesn't as clearly explain how it relates to the picture, but the use of the variables shows the relationship to the original pentagon in particular.


The Winning Entries

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