2008-2009 Problem of the Week Teacher Resources

Links to the Packets, Activity Series, and Online Resources (and more!) are available from the individual problem page (linked from the titles below). Since these problems were Current in the 2008-09 school year, access is restricted to teachers with a Class Membership or higher.

Packet - The Enhanced Problem Packet for Teachers, which contains an overview of the problem, teaching suggestions, our solutions, and, for problems from our Library, sample student work with suggested interventions.

Activity Series - Examples of problem-specific activities from our Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series. You can see 2008-2009's activity series, aligned to the 08-09 PoWs, below:

2008-2009 Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series

Online Resources - Materials designed to support the use of the problem, including related problems from the Library, questions and answers from the Ask Dr. Math archives, interactive tools such as applets and spreadsheets from Math Tools, and more!

Math Fundamentals


Subway Tokens
Zelma's ZIP Code
You Think Your Teacher is Tough!
Order in the Court
Growing Worms
Wooden Legs
Nuts in a Bowl
Building Barns
Rugby Rules!
Change You Can't Count On
Dashing Through the Snow
The Farmer in the Dilemma
Toys To Go
Chicken Little's Eggs
Sharing Birthdays
Zoo Train
She Counts Seashells
Sports Weigh In
Four Dates
Moons, By Jove!
Tiling Triangles
Caliyah's Cart
Women's Walkway
Measuring Melons
Ostrich Llama Count
Two Heads are Better Than One
Lillian's Lines
Gas Guzzlers
Unknown Numbers
Movie Seating
Top Notch Nose Contest
Lincoln's Top Hat
Mixing Marbles
Peeling Potatoes
Dollar Dealing
Bartering for Bananas
Suli's Sense
Waste Not, Want Not
Sing a Song of Sunscreen



Operation Warm Up
Filling Glasses
Eating Contest
Sierpinski Stages
To B or Not To B
Voter Turnout
A Championship Season
How Many Ties?
Two By Canoe
A Slippery Slope
Symbol Logic
Pressed for Time
A Phone-y Deal?
Swapping Marbles
Polynomial Power
Fraction Debate
The Bouncing Ball
Field Trip
The ABCs of Exponents
Factor Bingo
Points, Lines, and Planes
Divided Rectangle
Dilating a Quadrilateral
Where's Juanita Walking?
The Shortest Possible Side
A Minor Problem
Triple Tango
Pythagorean Circles
Circle Derby
Making the Biggest Triangle
Two Rectangles
Making a Six-Pointed Star
The Coordinated Quadrilateral
Snail's Trail
Building a Regular Hexagon
Pondering Pantographs
Regional Ratios
Flying High
A Circle Inscribed in an Isosceles Triangle
In a Pickle

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