New Current Problem of the Week: Primary PoWs

Thanks in part to feedback on our online summer survey and a bump in interest from teachers calling in, we've decided to roll out a fifth current Problem of the Week service! This launch also means that, by the end of the 2011-2012 school year, current PoW members will enjoy access to a grand total of 100 PoWs - all still for only $25.

I looked on the Current Problems of the Week page, but I don't see it. Where is it?
Until we have our programmers do a few things, please use the Calendar link on the left sidebar.
How often will there be a new PrimaryPoW?
They are published every two weeks like our other Current PoWs. View our Calendar for specific dates.

Can my students submit?
We are hoping for a variety of types of submissions to the PrimaryPoW, including:
Grades K-2 teachers scan student work and submit under the student's login.
Grades K-2 teachers submit under a student's login but describe a class discussion rather than just one student's thinking.
Grades 3-5 students submit on their own.
Grades 6-8 students submit on their own.
Why do you call it a Current PoW?
The Primary level problems have been in our Library for several years now but they have never been an active service. In other words, if a PoW is part of our Current PoW service it means that there is a window of time (a little more than 2 weeks) that students submit and hopefully reflect and revise. What follows is the publication of our commentary (an overview of the solutions received) and a selection of those solutions to display to the public.
All problems in our Library EXCEPT the Primary PoWs were each first a Current PoW at some time in the past. That's how we build the "Solution and Commentary" link from each of those problems and it's also what we use to write the "Sample Student Solutions" section of our Teacher Packets. Now that the Primary PoWs will be part of the Current PoW service, we hope to have student solutions to include as part of the teacher resources.

If you have comments and suggestions, we appreciate your feedback.

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