About Mentoring

The Math Forum provides mentoring to student submitters in several different forms. All mentors use The Math Forum's scoring rubric, which covers several components of problem solving and mathematical communication. They also provide feedback to students designed to help them improve one or two specific aspects of their work. It is our hope that students who receives mentoring of any kind will take advantage of it to revise and improve their work.

All mentoring options require a subscription. You can add mentoring to your account when you purchase it, or you can call us to add it later. (You can purchase a Current PoW membership [student or teacher] account yourself online; for other accounts, call us.)

Free Mentoring:
For opportunities when mentors will be available to reply to student submissions, please consult the dates on How to Use Free Mentoring.

Priority Mentoring: (for an additional fee)
Math Forum staff and trained mentors write back to each student's submission and subsequent revisions.

Assess Your Own:
Teachers whose students are submitting solutions have the option to provide scoring and feedback to their own students at no extra charge. The Math Forum provides orientation to the scoring rubric, additional supporting material about the philosophy of mentoring, and, if desired, feedback on the teacher's initial mentoring efforts.

Local Mentor Development (Included with School or District Membership):
Institutional members can designate mentors from their own organization. The Math Forum will provide online training and support, which the mentors are required to complete in order to participate.


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