The Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series Plan and Reflect

Plan and Reflect

Once students are familiar with several problem-solving strategies, they need to think about how to be good planners. Beginning problem-solvers often get bogged down in one familiar strategy, and don't know how to stop and ask, "is this working?" And if it's not working, they're not sure what to go back to.

The Plan and Reflect activities help students organize what they know and practice stepping back and reflecting on what they're doing and why.

Activities to Learn this Strategy

Facilitation Questions

  • What information do you have?
  • What strategies could you use?
  • What are you trying to figure out?
  • Do you need to step back?

Recommended Library Problems

The Strategy Examples documents linked from these problems contain examples of what students could do with the activities. You need a Class Membership or higher to access Library problems.

Math Fundamentals

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