The Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series Solve a Simpler Problem

Solve a Simpler Problem

Solve a simpler problem is something that mathematicians do all the time. They get good at identifying ways to make a problem simpler, and applying what they learned from the simpler problem to give them insight into whatever they're trying to figure out.

In our experience, students often see what's making a problem hard for them (the numbers are hard, there are too many possibilities, it takes a lot of calculations, etc.) but don't know that they're allowed to (or that it would be worthwhile to) work on a simpler version. So we offer concrete ways for students to develop and work on simpler versions of a problem, and then share what they learned from the simpler version that they might build on.

Activities to Learn this Strategy

Facilitation Questions

  • What makes this problem hard?
  • If you could change the problem, what would you change to make it a little simpler?

Recommended Library Problems

The Strategy Examples documents linked from these problems contain examples of what students could do with the activities. You need a Class Membership or higher to access Library problems.


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