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A Teacher Support page has been written to go with each of the Algebra Problems of the Week. If you have something to share with us as you use any of the links or suggestions on the pages (something you tried and changed or a new idea) we would love to hear from you. Please email us.

Alvin's Theorem
Are You Ready for Some Football?
Are We There Yet?
A Variable Triangle
Baffling Brother
Battle of the Bands
Blowin' in the Wind
The Bouncing Ball
Bowling Buddies
Burger Inflation?
Buried Treasure
Calendar Calculations
Calling Long Distance
Capture the Flag!
Carlita's CD Collection
Cherokee Creek Checkers Club
Choosing Charity
The Coordinate Carousel
Copying Conundrum
Count Your Change
Driving to Work
Eduardo's Equations
An Expanding Circle
Explaining a Number Trick
Filling Glasses
Filling Glasses, 2
Flying Off the Shelf
Graphic Relationships
Heating the Tub
He Shoots! He Scores!
Hiking Mount Hood
Holiday Dance
Kristina's Code
Jimmy's Hits
Johnny's Orchards
The Joke
Lost in Mathland
Make the Save!
Making Triangles
Marathon Mitch
Math on the Midway
Maxwell's Mowing
Mind Reading
Mr. Fachtore's Gardens
A Mystery Quadrilateral
My Three Dogs
Operations Grid
Operation Warm up
Parakeets on Parade
A Phone-y Deal
Polynomial Puzzler
Poolish Pride?
Power-full Fractions
Pressed for Time
Reverse It!
Rocket Science
Sam and Teri's Bank Accounts
School Spirit
September Squares
Skeeball Showdown
Spell It Out
The Sprats
Studying the Standings
Sums, Quotients, and Remainders
A Surprising Sequence
Three Consecutive Integers
Throw It Down!
Tiffany's Triumphs
Time Trial Triumphs
Triangle Probability
Two by Canoe
Two for Two
Two for Two More
Voter Turnout
What's the Point?
What's the Temperature?
What Time Is It?
Wreck Tangle

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