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The single student account you have been using for all of your students no longer works, as of August 20. You need to set up individual accounts for your students before they can access the PoWs.

You can register up to 36 accounts with a single class membership. (There is no limit for those with school or district accounts.) Most teachers register all the students in a class individually. Students have the option of submitting individually, or in groups of two, three, or four students. Some teachers will register teams of students under a team name instead of the names of individual students.

To Create Accounts:

  1. Go to one of the Teacher Offices that you use.
  2. Locate the area in the lower right corner titled My Students. Use the link Click here for managing your student accounts.
  3. Once on the "Student Registration" page, you have the choice of registering a new student or registering many students at one time.
  4. The passwords are automatically generated by our system but you have the option of changing them now (or later since those fields can be edited by the teacher). Listing students' email addresses is optional. (It's actually better to leave them blank if students do not have their own email accounts.)
  5. After filling in the required fields, click on the button labeled Register All Students.
  6. Once your students' accounts have been successfully set up, view their User Names and Passwords.

Note: If you register students using one of the Teacher Offices, your students will be registered in all of the services (FunPoW, PreAlgPoW, AlgPoW, GeoPoW, and/or LibraryPoW) that your level of membership includes.

How Students Use Their Accounts:

  1. Distribute usernames and passwords to your students.
  2. Direct students to the apropriate service:
  3. After students have submitted, remember that a new feature is that they do NOT need email to get back to their original solution to revise. Remind them to look in the left sidebar for the Message Center.

If you have questions, please contact us by email or phone: 800-756-7823, option 2.

Individual Math Forum Student Accounts:

Starting Monday, August 20, 2007, Problem of the Week members with class, school, or district memberships have been able to create individual accounts for their students in our Problems of the Week Services. In addition to the security this provides, it also means that students are able to receive PoW messages and mentor feedback through web pages instead of via email. That's right - no email required! We're really excited about this upgrade, as we know that email access in schools isn't always convenient or even possible.

Note also that starting Monday, general student accounts associated with class memberships no longer work. Students need to use their individual accounts in order to access and submit to the PoWs.

The submission process is also simpler. Students don't identify themselves by choosing their state, school, and name, but simply log in to view a problem, hit "submit", and start typing their solution!

Each class account can have up to 36 student accounts (there is no limit for school and district memberships). Teachers can designate an email address for each student, but it isn't required for registration. (Students have the option of adding an email address later.)

Students who have a registered email address can choose to receive PoW messages via email, but all messages will also go to their Math Forum Message Center online.

We're excited about this upgrade and hope that it makes submitting to the PoWs a more productive process for many of you. Thanks for your continued support.

-Annie, Claire, Melissa, Richard, Riz, Suzanne,
Tracey, and the rest of the PoW Team

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