Welcome to the home of the PoW Planet Project!

In late August 2011, math teacher and Web 2.0 pioneer Tinashe Blanchet approached the Math Forum in search of international math classrooms interested in sharing and collaborating on interesting math problems. Max, the Math Forum’s resident tweeter, blogger, and reader of all student work submitted to the Algebra Problem of the Week, knew a great idea when he heard one! Floating the idea to Math Forum members and math teachers on Twitter, the response was immediate. Math teachers everywhere would love to share student work, collaborate on challenging problems, and talk about math and problem-solving online in an international context! But how to make it happen… This year, we’re trying to start with a small group of teachers who want to do math and study student work and feedback together.

Here are some activities we will be organizing and showcasing on this site:

  • Math Forum¬†Problems of the Week, specifically chosen to focus on developing problem-solving skills in middle- and high-school students.
  • Student work examples: as students work on the PoWs, their teachers will share intriguing student work for us to discuss.
  • Great facilitation questions for deepening students’ problem-solving: as teachers read their students’ work and share it with other teachers, we’ll work together to craft written feedback to students. Then we’ll have a chance to share feedback with each other, and learn how students responded.
  • Other interesting mathematical scenarios (videos, pictures, stories, problems) to notice and wonder about from around the world — teachers will share the problems or rich tasks they want to work on with their students so that we can all learn from each other.
  • Reflections and guest posts from teachers focusing on problem-solving in their classrooms.