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Two wine merchants enter Paris, one with 64 casks of wine and the other with 20. Since they do not have enough money to pay the customs duties, the first merchant pays with 5 casks of wine and 40 francs, and the second merchant pays with 2 casks of wine and receives 40 francs in change…

So begins a challenging Math Forum Problem of the Week with an international theme. One thing that might be challenging about it is there is a lot of complex vocabulary. If English is not your first language, or you aren’t familiar with francs, casks, duties, etc. it’s hard to get to the math!

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PoW Planet Teacher Brian Cohen traveled throughout Israel and Eastern Europe last summer, snapping photos of mathematical phenomena. Can you use you math and language skills to figure out what’s going on in these photos? What do you notice? What are you wondering?

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This is the new home of the PoW Planet Project, a collaboration between the Math Forum and Tinashe Blanchet. This site is the hub for live chats, math puzzles and images with an international flair, student math work from all over the world, and archives and showcases of international math collaboration. Please feel free to explore the site, get in touch with us, and think about how we might be able to support your students’ problem-solving journey!

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