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Algebra: Functions and/or Graphing

Read about expectations for algebra in the NCTM Standards: Algebra Standard for Grades 9-12.

Algebra problems that can be solved using functions or graphing are listed below.

For background information elsewhere on our site, explore High School Algebra; see also Functions and Equations, Graphs, and Translations. To find relevant sites on the Web, browse and search Basic Algebra and its subcategories in our Internet Mathematics Library, and see Pre-Calculus: Functions. To find high-school sites, go to the bottom of the page, set the searcher for High School, and press the Search button.

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At Least This Many - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Using two data points from the NBA statistics chart, form an equation (y = mx + b style), then use it to predict other data points. ... more>>

Buy This Tune! - Terry and NCTM's WLME
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Using data about buying habits of music lovers from 1990 and 1996, predict the results for 2000 and compare those predictions to the actual data. ... more>>

The EV Function - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Given a function's definition, find the input (argument) value that yields a certain output value. ... more>>

The Function Challenge - Bill Graham
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Arrange a series of functions in the order that will produce the largest output. ... more>>

Marsha's Triangle - Marsha Hurwitz
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find the area of an isosceles triangle whose two legs are on the x and y axes and whose hypotenuse passes through the point (c,d). ... more>>

Midpoint Magic - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 4. Connecting the midpoints of a general quadrilateral yields a special new four-sided figure. What is it? ... more>>

Phone-O-Graph Phollies - Bill Graham
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Students are asked to use algebra to compare three telephone calling plans to determine at what number of calls each plan would be preferable. ... more>>

The Price of Pollo - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 2. Use a linear equation model to predict a future price of fried chicken. ... more>>

Splitting a Square - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 3. A square is drawn on a coordinate plane with vertices P(1, 0), Q(2, 0), R(2, 1) and S(1, 1). A line is drawn from the origin that cuts the square into two sections whose areas are in a ratio of 2:1. What's the equation of the "cutting" line? ... more>>

A Tale of Two Intercepts - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 3. Find the distance between two y-intercepts. ... more>>

What's My Line? - Terry Trotter
Algebra, difficulty level 1. Given a set of eight points in the Cartesian plane, find the three that are collinear. ... more>>

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