Teacher Participants
Through cycles of discussion, collaboration, development and review, our project participants have developed the following packets for use in a variety of mathematics teacher education settings:

Barbara Delaney

Imogene the Imp
patterns, algebraic reasoning, organizing and analyzing data

Buying Cola
operations with decimals, measurement, and unit rate

Duke is Missing
expressions, equations, systems of equations


Glenys Martin

Back-to-School Shopping
operations with numbers, money, decimals, communication

Calculator Key-In
order of operations

Scale Stepping
range, mean, mode and median


Peggy McCloskey

Mr. Pearson's Statistics Lesson
statistics and data analysis, stem-and-leaf plots

Divisible by a Dozen
operations with integers, prime factorization

A Phone-y Deal?
expressions, equations, and inequalities


Ashley Miller

Bank Balances
algebraic reasoning, linear functions, solving simultaneous equations

Car Rental Quandary
linear equations, systems of equations

Building on Water
Pythagorean theorem, area of two-dimensional shapes


Pam Million
EV (Erdos Value) Function
prime numbers, functions