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Problems of the Week: Changes and Survey (18 June 2003)
The Problems of the Week are finished for this year. We'll be back in September with new options for students and teachers. Our mentoring and problem-solving activities are no longer funded by grants, but we will continue to offer these valuable services through low-cost subscriptions for interested students and teachers. Please take a moment to reply to our survey questions concerning your plans to use the Problems of the Week next year on the following topics:
      - Free Problems and Submission
      - Student Subscriptions
      - Teacher Support

Ask Dr. Math: Selected Answers to Common Questions (17 June 2003)
To make browsing easier for common questions we have collected their answers, and organized them under topics ranging from algebra to ratio/proportion.

Geometry Problem of the Week 2002-2003 Solutions (10 June 2003)
All of the Geometry PoWs from this year, excluding the one that is finishing up right now, have been officially archived. This means that we've written longer commentary and that our Gold and Silver lists of names for each problem are included with the posted solution. You can read more about our rubric and the qualifications for getting on these lists at How We Score Your Submissions to the Problems of the Week.


Math Tools Newsletter Archive (20 May 2003)
To inform you about all that's going on in our Math Tools digital library project, we offer registrants an electronic newsletter via email the first Saturday of each month. Directions for subscribing as well as links to the first two issues are available.

GEOM ART RY (18 May 2003)
Professor Martel, City University of New York, College of Staten Island and a resident of Westbeth, addresses the question of whether a painting must have an order within its two-dimensional design. His paper argues that there is in fact a geometrical order to painting, regardless of the particular form of expression. There is a deep structure that unites visual elements in a painting, one need only ask the right visual questions.


Math Forum Survey (18 April 2003)
The Math Forum is conducting a survey that you can accept, decline, or take later as you visit the different areas of our site. We hope that you participate in our survey. The information that you provide will help us better understand our users and help us to provide services that are more useful.

NCTM Annual Meeting, San Antonio, Texas, April 9 - 12, 2003 (16 April 2003)
Session 17
Connecting Schools to Local and Global Communities
using Online Mentoring

Session 823
Success with Online Learning:
Engaging with the Math Forum Community

Session 1154
Developing Teachers' Skills through Online Mentoring Services
download the PDF file

Problems of the Week Engage Students with Special Needs (4 April 2003)
Annie Fetter, author of this article published in the current ENC Focus magazine with the theme, Focus on Mathematics and Science for Students with Special Needs, writes about how the anonymity of the Internet allows students with special needs to be judged by their work alone, without regard to their disabilities.

Discuss this article or others published in this month's ENC Focus magazine.

Illustration by Brian Deep.

Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week (PoWs) (4 April 2003)
The Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week (FunPoW) has been chosen as an Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Digital Dozen selection for April, 2003.

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