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Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week (24 June 2004)
The Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week (FunPoW) has been chosen by the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse as an ENC Focus selection for June, 2004.
National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) (21 June 2004)
New Orleans, June 21 - 23, 2004: At the annual meeting of computer using educators, Steve Weimar presented Using a Mathematics Sofware Digital Library for the Classroom. Suzanne Alejandre presented a Web Poster Session, The Math Forum: Online Learning Programs for Students and Teachers.
Upper Moreland Workshop (18 June 2004)
Annie Fetter, Kristina Lasher, and Suzanne Alejandre presented "Putting Research Into Action" to the School District of Upper Moreland Township K-12 Mathematics Committee. The workshop was held at their Teaching and Learning Center in Hatboro, PA.
The TIMeS Project (10 June 2004)
Suzanne Alejandre supported the presentations at the Technology-Intensive Mathematics and Science (TIMeS) Project in Champaign, Illinois, by finding a number of resources, Suzanne's Notes, for the participants.
Student Tessellations, Memorial Middle School (3 June 2004)
All seventh graders in Ms. Vargas's class were taken to the computer room once a week for a total of five weeks to create a tessellation in the shape of an animal, an object, or a person using methods found in Suzanne Alejandre's Tessellation Tutorials. Once their tessellation was completed students were instructed to write a poem about their tessellation in Ms. Loeffler's class.


Advancing Learning with Networked Handhelds: Toward a School-Based Research Testbed (25 May 2004)
SRI and Congressman Earnest Istook of Oklahoma hosted a one-day conference, in conjunction with leaders of a large handheld testbed in Oklahoma, on the use of handhelds in education. Suzanne Alejandre participated in the event presenting teacher development aspects of Math Tools.
Technology PoW (tPoW) (21 May 2004)
The newest area of the Math Forum site, Math Tools, has just unveiled its most recent feature, the Technology PoW. The tPoWs are modeled on the Math Forum's Problems of the Week, with the additional feature that these problems take advantage of online, interactive mathematics tools.
The World at Your Fingertips: A Demonstration of the Nation's New Bridge Between Science, Math, and Education (20 May 2004)
The NSDL event was sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Cornell University, Columbia University, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research with support from the office of Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (NY). Varnelle Moore, a kindergarten teacher from Philadelphia, explained how her experiences with the Math Forum have changed her students' learning and her own teaching.

Dr. Muniram Budhu, Professor of Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics at the University of Arizona and Project Director for the Geotechnical Rock and Water Resources Library (GROW), spoke to the transformational application of NSDL resources in the undergraduate classroom. An introduction to NSDL and its technical and educational goals were delivered by Dr. William Arms, NSDL Co-PI, of Cornell University.

Lesson Study: A PCMI Experience (6 May 2004)
The Japanese Lesson Study group from the 2003 Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) wrote an article about their experience developing the lesson, Studying Dimensionality Through a Stair-Step Fractal. The article was published as part of AP Central, the College Board's Online Home for AP Professionals. PCMI is a program of the Institute for Advanced Study.


NCTM 82nd Annual Meeting (22 April 2004)
Mario, Drexel University's mascot poses with the Math Forum staff in the Exhibit Hall. Mario made the rounds of the Philadelphia Convention Center inviting attendees of the NCTM Annual Meeting to visit our booth to learn more about the Math Forum and Drexel University.
Varnelle's Primary Math - Introduction to Algebra (21 April 2004)
A unit by Varnelle Moore, designed to guide young children through an introduction to algebra using attribute blocks. Children learn to sort, classify, and order attribute blocks by size, number, and other properties. Lessons include interactive, manipulative-based projects, technology, paper/pencil practice, and literature connections.
NCTM 82nd Annual Meeting (16 April 2004)
Meet the Math Forum staff in the Exhibit Hall at Booth 931, or attend one of our sessions in the Convention Center. Download Gene's Restaurant Brochure to find some great suggestions for dining while you are visiting Philadelphia, the Math Forum's hometown!
ENC's Classroom Calendar (9 April 2004)
Eisenhower National Clearinghouse (ENC) connects topics to seasonal events, interests, and national observances by offering a Classroom Calendar each month. Math Forum resources are included in the following entries:
    April 5: Red, Blue, Red, Blue, Red, Blue -- You Guessed It! Patterns
    April 12: Area Day
    April 22: Area, Perimeter, and Five Easy Pieces
    April 28: Geometry and Spatial Sense

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