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Meade Math Institute (28 - 30 June 2005)
Stephen Weimar, Annie Fetter, Steve Risberg, and Suzanne Alejandre worked with the math leadership team at General George G. Meade School in Philadelphia.
MATRIX Summer Workshop (23 - 28 June 2005)
Annie Fetter and Suzanne Alejandre worked with mathematics teachers from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Trenton, New Jersey for five days as part of their MATRIX grant professional development.
Math Tools: Using Technology in the Mathematics Classroom (26 June 2005)
Suzanne Alejandre, Geri Anderson-Nielsen, Ihor Charischak, Annie Fetter, and Cynthia Lanius presented a full-day workshop to thirty participants as part of the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC).
Virtual Tool Fest '05 (18 June 2005)
We had great participation in our Virtual Tool Fest held the week of June 13 - 17. We hope everyone will join in the continuing discussions and also take a look at the new resources that have been recently submitted.
Summer Problems of the Week (13 June 2005)
The PoWs are officially on vacation, but we are continuing to post problems every two weeks and you can still submit solutions. However, we will only have a few volunteer mentors working, and our responses will otherwise be limited. Check the calendar link on each PoW for a full summer schedule.
        Math Fundamentals
Virtual Tool Fest '05 (1 June 2005)
Math Tools will hold a Virtual Math and Technology Tool Fest this summer with the purpose of virtually getting together a group of folks to rate resources, submit resources, write reviews, write stories, seed and participate in discussions, and have virtual presentations of favorite tools and interesting mathematics.

We have gathered a group of stakeholders in mathematics, education, and technology who enjoy collaborating across different school levels and technology interests. As the Tool Fest activities begin on Monday, June 13, we hope that you will join in the discussions! Watch the Math Tools site for updates.



Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure (17 May 2005)
Math Forum is a partner in the recently NSF-funded Engaging People in Cyberinfrastructure (EPIC) project. Cynthia Lanius is the lead from the Math Forum and serves on the EPIC Advancement Team. The Math Forum will catalog project partners' tools and resources.
101 Best Web Sites (16 May 2005)
The Math Forum was selected as one of the best Web sites for teachers on the Internet today in the books 101 Best Web Sites for Secondary Teachers and 101 Best Web Sites for Elementary Teachers published by the International Society for Technology in Education. Also selected in both books was Cynthia Lanius' site Fun Mathematics Lessons.
Free Mentoring Opportunities (12 May 2005)
Mentors from Western Oregon University are offering free mentoring for the Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week and the Pre-Algebra Problem of the Week in May. Zelma's ZIP Code is active May 9 - 22 and Forming Triangles from a Folding Ruler will be active May 16 - 29. Please have your students submit solutions. If your students receive replies from a mentor, encourage them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but the mentors will learn as well!


Using Problems of the Week at The Philadelphia School (27 April 2005)
Suzanne Alejandre worked with the teachers from the Junior Unit and two teachers from the Middle School at The Philadelphia School to help them maximize the use of their School Membership for the Problems of the Week.
MaST Charter Community Charter School Workshop (15 April 2005)
Annie Fetter and Suzanne Alejandre engaged participants in Problems of the Week and provided a Math Forum Tour during their sessions. The Technology Professional Development day was a collaborative partnership of the MaST Community Charter School and Drexel University's School of Education.
Our iPod Winner! (11 April 2005)
Congratulations to Paul Davis, LaSalle High School, Pasadena, California, the winner of the Math Forum @ Drexel's iPod photo drawing. Thank you to all of the participants who entered our contest at the NCTM Annual Meeting in Anaheim, and also to the PoW Subscribers who responded to our online survey.
NCTM 2005 Yearbook: Technology-Supported Mathematics Learning Environments (7 April 2005)
Math Forum staffer Suzanne Alejandre served on the Editorial Panel for the yearbook and is one of the featured authors of the recently unveiled National Council of Teachers of Mathematics sixty-seventh yearbook. View her article:
    Part 2: Notes from the Field, pages 137 - 150
    "The Reality of Using Technology in the Classroom"
In a separate article, Enrique Galindo describes the Math Forum as "a great starting point for information about mathematics and mathematics education on the Internet":
    Part 2: Notes from the Field, pages 241 - 262
    "Mathematics Teaching and Learning Supported by the Internet"

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