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Drexel Learning Center Supplemental Support Section (22 June-31 July 2009)
Suzanne Alejandre, Mai Sidawi, Max Ray, and Stephen Weimar conducted a supplemental program for the Drexel Learning Center for the second year in a row. The goal of this program was to help entering Drexel students develop their mathematical problem solving and communication skills in preparation for academic year programs and to build their capacity as independent learners. Forum staff trained and supported peer tutors who mentored Dragon Summer Program students using the Math Forum Problems of the Week program.
Summer Problems of the Week (8 June 2009)
Every two weeks from June through August, we will continue to post challenging word problems and accept solutions to them. We encourage teachers with class, school, or district memberships to design summer projects that draw on Current Problems or past PoWs, such as the selection from the Problems of the Week Library highlighted in our May 15th issue.

We will have only a few volunteers doing mentoring; and our responses will otherwise be scaled back as we get ready for a new series of problems at the end of August.

Trial Class Accounts are available.

Moving to Mathematics (5 June 2009)
Are you a mathematics teacher in the state of Pennsylvania?

The Math Forum @ Drexel is offering a series of on-line professional development courses--wholly funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE)--that will prepare you to pass the Mathematics Praxis II.

Mathematics in Context (1 June 2009)
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. and the Math Forum @ Drexel University will collaborate to provide teacher training for the Mathematics in Context (MiC) middle-school curriculum beginning in Fall 2009. A sequence of four online asynchronous courses will be offered during the school year for each grade covered by the Math in Context (MiC) curriculum (6th, 7th, 8th). A number of courses will be provided to customers as a part of Britannica's teacher-support package.

Teachers enrolled will: automatically be subscribed to the award-winning Britannica Online School Edition; have access to the Math Forum's network and extensive online resources including a new special area for course participants, MiC-PoW (Math in Context Problems of the Week); and earn continuing-education credits (including Act 48 credit for Pennsylvania residents) from Drexel University.

Register online.


NY Times Knowledge Network Courses (30 May 2009)
The New York Times is proud to welcome the Math Forum to its Knowledge Network of prestigious educational institutions delivering lifelong learning programs. The Forum's courses are now available via their main page or professional development header.

The Math Forum's courses can still be accessed through our own website, where you can find our NSDL workshops as well.

University Academic Support Advisory Board (30 May 2009)
Suzanne Alejandre, Director of Professional Development at the Math Forum, has accepted an invitation to join the Drexel Learning Center's University Academic Support Advisory Board. The purpose of the board will be to:
  • provide an internal assessment of available academic supports;
  • identify opportunities, especially for collaboration; and
  • surface best practices in academic support that drive student development and success.
NSDL Online Workshops (22 May 2009)
The Math Forum has been hosting a series of online workshops for teachers who work with students in 5th through 9th grade. Teachers will explore the Math Tools digital library and several software tools that contribute in some way to mathematical understanding, problem solving, reflection and discussion. Both workshops run June 15 - July 27, 2009. Applications, due by June 8, are now open for:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning
Overview || Application
Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability
Overview || Application Partners with the Math Forum @ Drexel (15 May 2009) has partnered with the Math Forum, offering their tutoring services to users of Ask Dr. Math who need more immediate help than our volunteer math doctors can provide.
Seasonal Problems of the Week (15 May 2009)
Are you looking for a problem solving prompt to use with your students that has a seasonal theme? Check out the summertime problems listed in our newsletter feature.
Tools for Building Math Concepts (15 May 2009)
Explore how technology can help students develop fundamental concepts of multiplication, fractions, division and area through the process of generating data and examining patterns in this online workshop from the Math Forum @ Drexel. Earn 1.5 Continuing Education credits (fifteen contact hours) from Drexel University and receive a $25 discount applicable to any of our online PD courses. The workshop will run:
  • May 21 through July 2
  • July 9 through August 20
Math Forum Exhibit Hall Handouts from NCSM and NCTM (8 May 2009)
Did you miss us in the Sponsor Display area at NCSM or the Exhibit Hall at NCTM? Maybe you did find us but you would like additional copies of our handouts? Feel free to access the printed matter (in PDF format) distributed recently at our booths, including information on our Professional Development program and samples from our Problems of the Week program.
Math Forum Ambassadors (8 May 2009)
Some of the folks joining us in the display area or booth, or presenting with us, were not actually Math Forum staff. These are collaborators from around the US and Canada who have been working closely with us in our online workshops, onsite professional development, and online professional development courses. A big thank-you to you all!
Free Mentoring Opportunity (1 May 2009)
A mentor group will be providing feedback to submitters in the Pre-Algebra Problem of the Week that is active from May 11 - May 24.


Teacher Resources - Problems of the Week (27 April 2009)
Teachers using the Math Forum's Problems of the Week have been raving about a new page we offer, collecting all the Current PoW Teacher Resources in one page: Enhanced Problem Packet for Teachers, Problem Solving and Communication Activity Series, and Online Resources for all of this year's problems.

You can reach this page through the Teacher Documents page, or through the Problems and Puzzles tab at the top of the Math Forum home page.

Britannica & The Math Forum Partner on MiC PD (23 April 2009)
Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc. and The Math Forum @ Drexel University will collaborate to provide teacher training for the Mathematics in Context (MiC) middle-school curriculum beginning this fall.
Dr. Constantine Papadakis, 1946-2009 (6 April 2009)
It is with great sadness that we report the death of Drexel University President Dr. Constantine "Taki" Papadakis this past weekend. His loss will be deeply felt across the University community. Dr. Papadakis was the primary reason the Math Forum found a home at Drexel in 2001, and had been a strong supporter of the Forum ever since.
Math Forum Reception at NCTM (2 April 2009)
One of the best parts about participating in a program at the Math Forum is getting to know and build relationships with fun, supportive, interesting colleagues. We are always looking for ways to help people connect. There's a good opportunity coming up around the NCSM/NCTM conferences in Washington, DC. We are hosting a reception for anyone who has participated in an online NSDL workshop or who would like to meet teachers who have been involved:
Thursday, April 23, 5:30-7:30 PM
Grand Hyatt, Lagoon Level
Penn Quarter A + B
Meet the Math Forum Staff in Washington DC (3 April 2009)
Meet the Math Forum staff at Table 9 in NCSM's Display Area, and in the NCTM Exhibit Hall at Booth 826, to learn more about
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            Britannica's Math in Context
    Online Professional Development Programs
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