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Free Mentoring Opportunities (27 March 2009)
Mentor groups will be providing feedback to submitters in Problems of the Week over the next several weeks:
    Math Fundamentals from April 6 through April 19
    Math Fundamentals from April 20 through May 3
New Hampshire Teachers of Mathematics Conference (17 March 2009)
Claire Mead presented Using Rich Problems to Reach All Learners at the conference in Keene, New Hampshire.
NSDL Online Workshops (16 March 2009)
The Math Forum has been hosting a series of online workshops for teachers who work with students in 5th through 9th grade. Teachers will explore the Math Tools digital library and several software tools that contribute in some way to mathematical understanding, problem solving, reflection and discussion. Applications are now open for:
Using Technology and Problem Solving to Build Algebraic Reasoning
April 20 - June 1 2009
Overview ||  Dates for 2008-2009 || Application
Technology Tools for Thinking and Reasoning about Probability
April 20 - June 1 2009
Overview ||  Dates for 2008-2009 || Application
Pi Day Resources (14 March 2009)
From the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher service, answers to a frequently asked question: What are some activities I can use for a Pi Day celebration on March 14 (3.14)? Suggestions include archived T2T conversations on the subject, Problems of the Week, Ask Dr. Math resources, literature connections, and links to relevant Web sites.
Teach for America Regional Conference (7 March 2009)
Ellen Clay and Annie Fetter presented Problem-Solving, Writing, and Formative Assessment for the Greater Philadelphia-Camden regional conference, a look at best practices using constructed response and open-ended problem solving to engage all students in developing their mathematical and higher order habits of mind.


T3 International Conference (27 February - 1 March, 2009)
Lillian Ray and Suzanne Alejandre staffed the Math Forum booth at the T3 International Conference held in Seattle, Washington. Suzanne presented Math Tools, tPoWs, TI Technology and You! Conversations were focused on Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs) inspired by TI, the Forum's Professional Development Program, Math Tools, Dr. Math Books, and the Math Forum site in general.
NCSM Annual Conference (27 February, 2009)
Visit the Math Forum table in the display area of NCSM Sponsors, or attend our session:
  • Tuesday 8:45 - 10:15 Suzanne Alejandre and the NSDL Workshop Moderators (Barbara Delaney, Marie Hogan, Lynne Ipiña, Glenys Martin, and Ashley Miller)
    Session 116: Developing Leadership in Technology Integration: An Effective Online Teacher Workshop Model
NCTM Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C. (27 February, 2009)
Are you planning to visit Washtingon, D.C. in April to attend the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics 85th Annual Meeting? Meet the Math Forum staff in the Exhibit Hall at Booth 2425. Plan to attend one of our sessions:
  • Thursday 8:00 - 9:00 Troy Regis
    Session 20: Planning with Inquiry-Based Mathematics Programs: Complexities and Influences
  • Thursday 3:00 - 4:30 Suzanne Alejandre and NSDL Workshop Moderators (Barbara Delaney, Marie Hogan, Glenys Martin, Margaret McCloskey, Ashley Miller, and Pam Million)
    Session 292: Math Forum, Online Workshops, Problem Solving, Technology and You!
  • Friday 8:00 - 9:00 Mai Sidawi
    Session 380: The MathMentor: An online career and math-mentoring program for high-potential, low-income students
  • Saturday 12:30 - 1:30 Claire Mead and Mary Taylor
    Session 812: Using Rich Problems to Reach All Learners
  • Saturday 12:30 - 1:30 Annie Fetter and Michelle O'Donnell
    Session 815: Using Technology to Create an Inclusion Classroom in the Middle School
Teaching Mathematics with the Problems of the Week (19 February 2009)
This online professional development course is now under way, led by Claire Mead. Course activities include submitting your own answers to and analyzing math in the Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week (FunPoW), guiding your students through the solution and submission process, and sharing ideas and reflections with classmates.
Mobile Learning Conference '09 (16-17 February 2009)
Stephen Weimar exhibited at the conference in Washington, DC, representing the Forum's work with Project K-Nect.
Solutions to the 2009 Game (1 February 2009)
Solutions to the 2009 Game have been posted. As of 27 February 2009, ten numbers are still awaiting solutions. Submit yours today!
Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) (February 2009)
Suzanne Alejandre and Quincy Brown have been selected to receive a FDG 2009 EA Scholarship, funded by Colleen McCreary's donation to Electronic Arts. The goal of the scholarship is to promote gender and racial diversity at the FDG 2009 conference by making it easier for authors of papers to attend the conference, and participate in the community. Quincy and Suzanne will be presenting their long poster, "Emphasizing Soft Skills and Team Development in an Educational Digital Game Design Course" during the conference.
Educating Learning Technology Designers (February 2009)
Suzanne Alejandre and K. Ann Renninger co-authored a chapter in Educating Learning Technology Designers: Guiding and Inspiring Creators of Innovative Educational Tools, Routledge 2009, edited by Chris DiGiano, Shelley Goldman, and Michael Chorost. The chapter is "Moving from Feedback to Scaffolding: Improving the LTD Student's Experience". Suzanne is quoted in another chapter in the book, "Interdisciplinarity in Learning Technology Design Courses", a roundtable discussion moderated by Angela Booker, Shelley Goldman, and Emma Mercier.


ATMIM Discussions (28 January 2009)
The Math Forum has launched members-only discussions for the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts. This organization, which currently has about 500 Massachusetts mathematics educators as members, joins the Association of Math Teachers of New York State as state affiliates of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics which have selected the Forum to host their online conversations.
Educon 2.1 conference (24 January 2009)
Mai Sidawi and Stephen Weimar facilitated a session at the conference, in Philadelphia, PA.

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