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Additions to the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics Library (31 March 1999)
Over 700 new entries or updates were made during the first three months of 1999; we are now cataloguing only mathematics and math education sites and our searchable and browseable database includes more than 5000 entries.

March additions to the Dr. Math Archives (31 March 1999)
More than 75 new question-&-answer entries were added to the tables of contents during March of 1999.

Internet Mathematics Library (22 March 1999)
The Forum's Internet Resource Collection has become the new Internet Mathematics Library, offering many more categories, selected starting points, updated entries, and powerful browse and search functions. For more information, read the Internet Mathematics Library Help page.

New Dr. Math FAQ (20 March 1999)
Robert L. "Dr. Rob" Ward explains the Trachtenberg Speed System - a way of performing high-speed multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction, and of finding square roots, all in one's head.

Student Tessellations, Frisbie Middle School (14 March 1999)
Tessellations by students in Suzanne Alejandre's Computer Elective class at Frisbie Middle School. The students wrote poems to accompany their tessellations.


Kenston Geometry Students Create Tessellations (27 February 1999)
Over 200 geometry students at Kenston High School in Chagrin Falls, Ohio participated in a school tessellation project; 21 of them were chosen for posting on the Web and the site can be found in the Math Forum's Student Showcase.

More new Dr. Math Formula FAQs (16 February 1999)
Robert L. "Dr. Rob" Ward has created three more new analytic geometry formula units: Polar Formulas, Cylindrical Formulas, and Spherical Formulas.

Math Awareness Month (MAM) (13 February 1999)
The Joint Policy Board for Mathematics (JPBM), along with sponsor Texas Instruments Inc., has expanded the annual Math Awareness Week celebrations to Math Awareness Month, to be observed during April of 1999. This year's theme is Mathematics and Biology, with a focus on Mathematics in the Heart. We encourage you to submit announcements of 1999 activities being planned for your school, company, or community.

New Dr. Math FAQs: Formulas (1 February 1999)
Robert L. "Dr. Rob" Ward has created two new units, Analytic Geometry Formulas and Trigonometry Formulas, to accompany his Geometric Formulas FAQ.

Constructing Regular Polygons: John Conway (1 February 1999)
Three posts to geometry discussion groups by Prof. John Conway of the Dept. of Mathematics, Princeton University, have been added to Robert L. "Dr. Rob" Ward's page on Regular Polygon Formulas in the Dr. Math FAQ.


Recent Additions to the Dr. Math Archives (30 January 1999)
More than 90 new question-&-answer entries were added to the tables of contents during January 1999.

New Dr. Math FAQ: Proofs (24 January 1999)
What is a proof? How do you write a two-column proof? Students often ask about proofs: what they are, how to understand them, and, often, how to write two-column proofs. This FAQ offers some answers from our archives.

Math Ideas for Science Fair Projects (16 January 1999)
Individual project ideas and collections of suggestions for students planning to participate in a math or science fair, with links to pages featuring math fairs, compiled by Roya Salehi of the Math Forum staff. You are invited to submit your project via this Forum Web page.

Forum nominated for a Webby! (12 January 1999)
The Math Forum has been nominated for a Webby by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences as one of the five best sites of the year in Education.

Sketchpad for Little Ones (11 January 1999)
This is an outline of some of the Geometer's Sketchpad activities that are used at Georgetown Day School in grades 2 and up. Written by Geri Anderson-Nielsen.

1999 Mathematics Game - Judy Brown (1 January 1999)
A puzzle for students in grades 3-12 with a general knowledge of mathematics. Use the digits in the year 1999 and the operations +, -, x, /, sqrt (square root), ^ (raise to a power), and ! (factorial), along with grouping symbols, to write expressions for the counting numbers 1 through 100.

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