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Math Tools (21 September 2002)
Math Tools is a new Math Forum project which has just been funded by the National Science Foundation. We're creating a digital library of software for teaching mathematics, Kindergarten - Calculus. The focus is on amassing a large collection of useful teaching tools for all platforms: computer, graphing calculator, PDA (Palm Pilot, Visor), etc. along with reviewing the tools and helping teachers learn to use them and the mathematics involved. There will be many opportunities for participation by teachers, students, and software developers-posting and reviewing favorite math tools, telling how you've used them, requesting software to do specific things, sharing lesson plans and other curricular material, discussing software and teaching, amassing a portfolio of your contributions, helping others learn to use software.

Lessons Using Lite Applets (11 September 2002)
Lessons written for middle school or developmental mathematics audience using applets from the Lite Applet Collection, a new article in the Journal of Online Mathematics and its Applications (JOMA).

Teacher Support Pages for the Problems of the Week (4 September 2002)
Teacher support pages for the Math Forum's Problems of the Week are available including Math Fundamentals, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. Information on the pages includes: alignment to NCTM Standards and links to resources from Ask Dr. Math, Teacher2Teacher, and the Teacher Exchange.

Developing Algebraic Thinking (3 September 2002)
This article by Suzanne Alejandre is one of four articles that are part of the first issue of ON-Math, a peer-reviewed journal from NCTM designed exclusively for the electronic medium in which it is published.


August Workshop (30 August 2002)
Radnor School District August 28 - 29, 2002: Annie Fetter, Suzanne Alejandre, and Shelly Berman worked with middle school and high school teachers to use The Geometer's Sketchpad as a tool to support algebra and geometry instruction. The workshop was held at Radnor High School in Radnor, PA.

The Problems of the Week (22 August 2002)
The first problems of the year for Pre-Algebra and Geometry will be in preview on Thursday, August 29. Students will be able to submit their solutions starting Monday, September 2. The first problems of the year for the Math Fundamentals, Algebra, and PreCalculus problems will be previewed on Thursday, September 5. Students will be able to submit their solutions starting Monday, September 9. View Current Status of the Problems of the Week to read general information about the five services and the new rubric scoring.

Activities & Information Supporting Pi Day Celebration (8 August 2002)
Carolyn M. Morehouse has contributed a lesson plan and activities to the Teacher Exchange including: Pi Day: A Mathematical Celebration, Pi Day Songs, The Pi Trivia Quiz, and Refreshments for Pi Day. The pages are also available for download as MS Word documents.


New T2T FAQ (27 July 2002)
Answers to a frequently asked question: Job Interview: What issues should a teacher think about before a job interview?

Building Virtual Communities: Learning and Change in Cyberspace (24 July 2002)
K. Ann Renninger, Professor of Education at Swarthmore College, and Wesley Shumar, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Drexel University, are the editors of this volume published by Cambridge University Press in the series "Learning in Doing: Social, Cognitive, and Computational Perspectives." Renninger and Shumar have researched The Math Forum and other online communities since 1992.

Building Virtual Communities examines how learning and cognitive change are fostered by online communities. Contributors to this volume explore this question by drawing on their different theoretical backgrounds, methodologies, and personal experience with virtual communities.


July Workshops (11 July 2002)
Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) June 30 - July 11, 2002: The Park City Mathematics Institute is a program of the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ. Quality programs for middle school, high school and college teachers are offered, based on the three components of professional development:
  1. learn and do mathematics
  2. analyze practice
  3. become a resource to colleagues and the profession
Suzanne Alejandre worked with participants of the Institute to continue to document the activities on the PCMI @ Math Forum web site.

Rutgers University-Newark June 28, July 1-3, 2002: Shelly Berman presented a three-day Institute for the Newark and Essex County Public School teachers involved in a grant funded by Lucent Technologies, which is under the direction of Rutgers Professor Dr. Roberta Schorr. The agenda for the Institute focused on the new version of the Geometer's Sketchpad, work with graphing calculators, an introduction to the dynamic data & statistics software Fathom, and a continuing focus on instructional practice. The workshop was held at the Rutgers Campus in Newark, NJ.

Support the Math Forum @ Drexel (2 July 2002)
We are now accepting donations online and by mail from members of the web community. Giving to the Math Forum allows us to continue offering resources, materials, activities, person-to-person interactions, and educational services that enrich and support learning. We have put donation links on many pages around the site so that it's easy to make a contribution if you're interested.

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