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Order your Dr. Math books! (10 September 2004)
The Math Forum is proud to announce the publication of Dr. Math® Introduces Geometry, the third in a series of four books based on our popular online math resource, Ask Dr. Math. Dr. Math® Gets You Ready for Algebra, and Dr. Math® Explains Algebra are also available for purchase through
Temple Partnership (2 September 2004)
Stephen Weimar, Steve Risberg, Claire Mead, Annie Fetter, and Suzanne Alejandre facilitated nine half-day grade level sessions (kindergarten through eighth grade) using the curricula adopted by the Philadelphia School District, Everyday Mathematics and Math in Context.
Claire Mead Joins the Math Forum Staff (2 September 2004)
Claire Mead, a native of Bristol, PA, has joined the Math Forum staff. She will be responsible for the Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week and related professional development programs for teachers.
Upper Moreland Workshop (1 September 2004)
Suzanne Alejandre returned to Upper Moreland to introduce teachers of grades 6-8 and 9-12 to Forum resources, services, and research, as part of a professional development workshop entitled "Making Effective Use of Math Forum Resources."


New Problems of the Week (13 August 2004)
The Math Fundamentals and Algebra Problems of the Week will open on Monday, August 23. The Pre-Algebra and Geometry Problems of the Week will open the following Monday, August 30. All users will be able to freely access the problems and submit solutions. We're looking forward to a new year of exciting problems! If you're interested in Priority Mentoring, a Student or Teacher Membership to the PoWs, or any of our other subscription programs, please check out the Pricing Guide.
Stewartsville Middle School Tessellation Quilt (10 August 2004)
In November, 2003, one of Jennifer Smith's classes, constructed a tessellation quilt, 5'x 6' that hangs in their school. It is made up of 24 different tessellation designs sewn together to form a quilt.


Congratulations, Alison! (28 July 2004)
Alison Miller returned from Athens, Greece, with a gold medal from the 45th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO). In helping the team from the United States finish second among the 85 participating countries -- its best medal count and highest placing in a decade -- the homeschooled teen from Niskayuna, NY, became the first ever female gold medal winner for a team from the USA. Alison credits her participation in the Math Forum's Geometry Problem of the Week service as her first experience with expository writing in mathematics.
Math Tools New Site Launch (16 July 2004)
The new version of Math Tools sports improved ways to browse, and rolls out a host of customization features: choose specific resources to save to your Math Tools Profile, subscribe to them to receive email when they get updated, and review and rate them by clicking on one or more of the stars. Take a tour by following the link Getting Started.
Hiring Associate Director and Project Manager (9 July 2004)
The Math Forum @ Drexel is hiring an Associate Director and a Project Manager.
Math and Technology Tool Fest (7 July 2004)
Math Tools is holding a Math and Technology Tool Fest this summer with the purpose of getting together a group of folks to create classroom activities, software-related resources, and services for themselves and others. The Tool Fest will take place in Philadelphia, August 2-6.

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