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Integrating Problem-Solving and Mathematical Communication (30 September, 2006)
On September 29, Math Forum Director Steve Weimar presented a workshop to the high school teachers and Suzanne Alejandre presented a similar workshop to the middle school teachers in the West Chester (Pennsylvania) Area School District. Both workshops focused on using non-routine problems and writing to develop mathematical problem-solving. The West Chester Area School District is using the Math Forum's Problems of the Week program in its math courses over the coming year.
NCTM Regional Conference and Exposition, Chicago, Illinois (22 September, 2006)
Conference participants were able to visit the Booth 214 in the Exhibit Hall to talk with Math Forum staff members. On Wednesday, September 20, Suzanne Alejandre gave an overview of the Math Forum in her presentation Using the Math Forum to Promote and Enhance Mathematical Representation
FunPoW: Opportunity for Free Mentoring (1 September, 2006)
Math educators from Indiana University, Drexel University, Northwest Missouri State University, and Eastern Kentucky University will be mentoring for the next Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week. Please encourage students to submit their solutions to "Shop 'Til You Drop," September 4-17, then look for feedback from these mentors, and revise. Free mentoring will also be provided for the FunPoW after that -- from September 18 through October 1 -- by a group of pre-service teachers from Indiana University.


Integrating Problem-Solving and Mathematical Communication (28 August, 2006)
On August 28, Math Forum Director Steve Weimar presented a workshop to Montgomery College math faculty on using non-routine problems, writing, and mentoring to develop mathematical problem-solving and to support teacher preparation. The Montgomery College math department is using the Math Forum's Problems of the Week program in its math courses over the coming year.
Flash Activities (26 August, 2006)
Qunicy Brown, a Post Baccalaureate PhD in Computer Science student at Drexel University, shares these Flash activities that she has developed with Annie Fetter to use with students in the Temple Partnership schools in Philadelphia.
Homeschool Math Blog Giveaways - Win a PoW Membership! (11 August, 2006)
Maria Miller at her Homeschool Math Blog site is hosting a blog contest with PoW memberships as prizes! The winners will be randomly drawn from all entries and the prizes include one Individual Membership to the Problems of the Week, one Class Membership to the Problems of the Week, or your choice of one of Maria's ebooks: Place Value 1, Multiplication 1, or Geometry. View details for participation on Maria's blog. Also read her write-up, Challenging problems in math education and "Problems of the Week."


PowerPoint Tools (28 July, 2006)
Don Link, a sixth grade math teacher at Indian Creek School (Crownsville, Maryland), shares these PowerPoint files that he has developed and used with his students. Don was a participant in the Math Forum's Tool Fest '04.
Sketchpad and Middle School Mathematics (27 July, 2006)
Annie Fetter lead a one-day workshop on using Geometer's Sketchpad with the Connected Math curriculum as part of our ongoing involvement in the Sterling Interdistrict MATRIX grant. Returning teachers practiced introducing and supporting Sketchpad activities related to the beginning-of-the-year topics in CMP, while new teachers served as "students." Annie didn't do much at all once the teachers got rolling!
People Learning Math Together (25 July, 2006)
Cynthia Lanius led a day-long workshop in Buncombe County, North Carolina. The goal of Buncombe County Schools' mathematics program is "to create a problem-centered learning environment from Kindergarten through high school in which all students will develop mathematical power." Buncombe County is incorporating the Math Forum's Problems of the Week service to help them meet their goal.
Teaching Math and Science through Literature (21 July, 2006)
Claire Mead team-taught "Teaching Math and Science through Literature" with Pete Brandt and Carol Houghton at Princeton University, July 17-21, 2006. This class, for teachers of grades 3-6, was part of the Quest institute in collaboration with the Mercer County ETTC.
Why'd They Do THAT? What we can learn about student understandings, even when they're wrong (20 July, 2006)
Cynthia Lanius presented a session on assessing learning through problem solving at the Conference for the Advancement of Mathematics Teaching (CAMT) on July 20 in Houston, Texas. Sponsored jointly by the Texas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the Texas Section of the Mathematical Association of America, CAMT is an annual conference for Texas K-12 mathematics teachers.
Summer Workshop (17 July, 2006)
Suzanne Alejandre and Annie Fetter facilitated a weeklong Summer Workshop at the Board of Education in Trenton, New Jersey for teachers involved in the MATRIX grant in Trenton.
Mathematics Webpages by Cathleen V. Sanders (14 July, 2006)
We are excited to announce that pages written by Cathleen V. Sanders -- formerly available through the Punahou School website in Hawaii up until her retirement earlier this year -- are now hosted by the Math Forum.
PCMI Summer 2006 (14 July, 2006)
Suzanne Alejandre and Richard Tchen facilitated the Secondary School Teachers Program (SSTP) of the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) for the sixth year. The SSTP is structured around three goals: all teachers should continue to professionalize their work by continuing to learn and do mathematics, analyzing and refining classroom practice, and becoming resources to colleagues and the profession. The SSTP is organized around three strands related to these goals and is enriched by additional activities tailored to specific participant needs and by programs involving other components of the PCMI community.
Using Math Software Tools in the Classroom (4 July, 2006)
Cynthia Lanius taught Using Math Software Tools in the Classroom to Chuck Thompson's EDAP 629: Teaching Math With Technology on July 3 at the University of Louisville, Louisville KY.

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