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The Math Forum on Twitter (17 September 2010)
Follow the Math Forum on Twitter--get updates on Forum happenings, hot topics, and cool teaching ideas.

If you are a member of our Problems of the Week community, check out our four separate accounts for the four services:

Free Mentoring Opportunities (17 September 2010)
Mentor groups from Oregon, Utah, Rhode Island, and Missouri will provide feedback to students who submit to the FunPoWs that open on:

  • September 20
  • October 4

Please have your students submit solutions. If they receive replies from a mentor, we hope you'll encourage them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but the mentors will learn as well!

A free Trial Class Account will give you 21 days of access to Current Problems of the Week and the Problems of the Week Library.

Differentiated Math Instruction: High School Level (3 September 2010)
The Math Forum is pleased to announce a new online professional development course: a high-school level version of Differentiated Math Instruction: Using Rich Problems to Reach All Learners. Led by Max Ray, Professional Collaboration Facilitator, participants can expect to spend 3-5 hours per week on the course. The course runs September 16–October 27, 2010. Registration closes at 5 pm EDT on Friday, September 10. The elementary- and middle-school level version of this course, led by Claire Mead, runs at the same time, with the same registration deadline.


Math Forum Professional Development Courses—Fall Schedule (27 August 2010)
We have a new round of professional development courses starting September 16. The two courses starting on that date are the elementary and high school versions of Differentiated Math Instruction: Using Rich Problems to Reach All Learners. These two courses require a membership at the class level or above. See the link above for the full schedule and details.
Free Orientation Sessions (24 August 2010)
Registration is open for our orientation sessions designed to introduce you to services that the Math Forum offers. The scheduled sessions include:
    Problems of the Week Membership -- Getting Started
    Math Tools
    Technology Problems of the Week
Participating in one of our new Orientation Sessions is a pre-requisite for registration in our free Online Workshops.
Math Forum Problems of the Week (19 August 2010)
Our new year of the PoWs begins on Monday, August 23 with problems in Math Fundamentals and Algebra. The Pre-Algebra and Geometry PoWs start on Monday, August 30.
Delaware State SMILE Project (August 2010)
The Math Forum is working with Delaware State University's SMILE (Science and Math Initiative for Learning Enrichment) Project to develop peer-facilitated math practicum classes for STEM freshmen. Steve Weimar and Max Ray facilitated a two-week online course for peer leaders and math instructors in August, and Max Ray and Suzanne Alejandre led a face-to-face follow-up session on August 27.
The Math Forum Problems of the Week Survey (August 2010)
As the school year begins again, we're reflecting on past years' Problem of the Week service and planning how to provide more effective service in the future. Your feedback would be valuable in this process. We hope you'll help us by completing a brief survey. The survey closes August 30.


The Math Forum Enhanced Tools for Financial Literacy (27-30 July 2010)
The Math Forum invited twenty teachers of 6th-12th grade mathematics and seven financial specialists to attend its 2010 Numeracy and Financial Education Summer Institute. The institute is part of The Math Forum Enhanced Tools for Financial Literacy, a comprehensive program that aims to support mathematics teachers as they integrate financial education concepts in the math classroom.
Delaware beyond P3 (26-29 July 2010)
Annie Fetter and Max Ray participated in Delaware Beyond P3, a statewide professional development initiative. Teachers from almost every school district in Delaware came together for a three-day workshop on teaching mathematics through problem solving. The Math Forum was invited to participate as part of its ongoing collaboration with several Delaware school districts.
PCMI Summer 2010 (27 June-17 July 2010)
Suzanne Alejandre and Richard Tchen facilitated the Secondary School Teachers Program (SSTP) of the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI) for the tenth year. The SSTP is structured around three goals: all teachers should continue to professionalize their work by continuing to learn and do mathematics, analyzing and refining classroom practice, and becoming resources to colleagues and the profession. The SSTP is organized around three strands related to these goals and is enriched by additional activities tailored to specific participant needs and by programs involving other components of the PCMI community.
Drexel Learning Center Supplemental Support Section (21 June - 2 July, 2010)
Max Ray and Annie Fetter conducted a supplemental program for the Drexel Learning Center for the third year in a row. The goal of this program was to help entering Drexel students develop their mathematical problem solving and communication skills in preparation for academic year programs and to build their capacity as independent learners. Forum staff trained and supported peer tutors who mentored Dragon Summer Program students using the Math Forum Problems of the Week program.
Online Mentor Training (12-30 July 2010)
Max Ray and Stephen Weimar provided an online course to train mentors who will participate in the Dragon Summer Program.
Math Forum Professional Development Special Extended (1 July 2010)
Many of you have contacted us about the Professional Development Special and we are extending it so that you have more time to take advantage of this during the summer and, in some cases, get school support. If you purchase a new membership or renew your existing membership in the Problems of the Week at the Class level or higher, you can sign up for any of our Professional Development courses for $70--a savings of $79 off the regular price.

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