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June additions to the archives (30 June 1998)
Over 100 new entries or updates were made to the Math Forum's Internet Resource Collection; approximately 50 new question-&-answer entries were added to the Dr. Math archives; and the new Teacher2Teacher archive now has 100 entries.

Sum98 (29 June 1998)
The Math Forum's 1998 Summer Institute: Developing Internet Mathematics Projects and Resources (July 6-11), is on the Web; see Onsite and Online Participants, and our Agenda.

Teacher2Teacher (29 June 1998)
You are invited to search and browse the new T2T Archive of questions and answers and to join its public discussions.

Historia-Matematica (29 June 1998)
A new unmoderated, closed mailing list created to provide a virtual forum for scholarly discussion of the history of mathematics among professionals and non-professionals with a serious interest in the field. English, Portuguese, and Spanish are the official languages of the list, and others are welcome. A searchable archive is hosted by the Forum. For more information, see About this discussion.

Corner for Interactive Geometry Software (CIGS) (7 June 1998)
The Math Forum's main area for resources in support of teaching with dynamic, interactive geometry software such as Cabri Geometry and the Geometer's Sketchpad. Pages include instructional activities and lessons to read on the Web; sketches to study and/or download; a place for questions or conversations on the discussion group geometry-software-dynamic; links to sources of information and downloads of software; and help with configuring your browser and other questions you may have.

Maximizing Area and Perimeter - David Purdy (6 June 1998)
Common in calculus and advanced algebra texts, these well-known optimization problems now appear in several high school geometry texts as interesting explorations that integrate measurement, model building, polynomial functions, and use of the graphing calculator. Sketches to download from this page provide another facet through which to view and explore this kind of problem dynamically.

MATEMATICA archive (1 June 1998)
The Forum now provides a searchable archive of messages sent to MATEMATICA, the Spanish math pedagogy mailing list (formerly PROMAT). To read about the list, see About this discussion.


Latest Additions to the Math Forum's Internet Resource Collection (31 May 1998)
Over 250 new entries or updates were made to the database during April/May.

Recent Additions to the Dr. Math Archives (31 May 1998)
120 new question-&-answer entries were added to the tables of contents during April/May 1998.

Fermat's Last Theorem (11 May 1998)
What is Fermat's Last Theorem? Has it been proved? A short summary of the current status of Fermat's Last Theorem, with links to answers in the Dr. Math archives and to resources on the Web, has been added to the Dr. Math FAQ.

Euclid's Geometry: History and Practice (6 May 1998)
A series of interdisciplinary lessons on Euclid's Elements, researched and written by Alex Pearson, a Classicist at The Episcopal Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania. The material is organized into class work, short historical articles, assignments, essay questions, and a quiz.

Pascal's Triangle (3 May 1998)
A Math Forum Web unit designed to support workshops given by the Forum for the Urban Systemic Initiative. Read about the history of Pascal's triangle and learn to construct it; discover number patterns; carry out interactive investigations in Java script or the Geometer's Sketchpad, and explore this famous triangle through lesson plans organized by student level and featuring questions, answers, discussion, and student worksheets.

Math Awareness Week, 26 April-2 May 1998 (2 May 1998)
Math Awareness Week was hosted on the Web for the third consecutive year by the Math Forum. Explore activities celebrated at institutions nationwide, see the MAW '98 theme poster, and read the 1998 theme essay by Paul Davis on Mathematics and Imaging.

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