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October 1996

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World's Largest Icosahedron (31 October 1996)
Read the story of how 7 students in Lexington, Massachusetts went about building a 15-foot tall icosahedron. This is the first item in our new Student Showcase section, the aim of which is to publicize outstanding student projects.

Math Typesetting for the Internet (24 October 1996)
It's not all that easy to write math for the Internet, so we've put together a series of pages designed to help you make the right choices for your particular needs.

Magic Stars (17 October 1996)
Discover what Magic Stars are, the sets they make up, how to transform one into another, and some complex combinations of exchange rules that can be applied to them. This material has been contributed by Prof. Mutsumi Suzuki of Sendai, Japan; he was inspired by Suzanne Alejandre's Magic Squares Web Unit.

Wisconsin Emerging Scholars Program (8 October 1996)
An NSF-sponsored project for "at-risk" calculus students, designed to boost the performance and persistence of freshmen in the UW-Madison 3-course calculus sequence. Dissemination materials are available for those who might be interested in trying something like the WES program in their own calculus classes.

Doctor Math Wants You! (7 October 1996)
Would you like to help out with Ask Doctor Math, our online question and answer service for K-12 students? Qualified undergrads, retired teachers, and practicing mathematicians are invited to apply to become Math Doctors.

Try Our Searcher's New Features (October 7, 1996)
Our searcher sports new features to help you find Internet math resources with less hassle. For example: if you don't get exactly what you want with our searcher, you can send your keywords to one of the major Internet search engines that we support, including: AltaVista, MetaCrawler, Yahoo, and DejaNews.

Math Forum Internet News (7 October 1996)
Having trouble keeping up with Math and Math Education on the Internet? As a way to keep you informed about all that's going on we've created the Math Forum Internet News, an electronic newsletter to be sent out via email once a week to all those who subscribe.

The Forum's October Math Activity (5 October 1996)
Magic Square Puzzle Activity - discover how to make a 3x3 magic square. Includes discussion suggestions, a detailed lesson plan for the classroom, and a Java Applet that will allow you to experiment.

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