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December Conference and Workshop (8 December 2000)
Rutgers/Lucent Professional Development Workshop, December 8, 2000: For this in-service session held at the Rutgers University Newark campus, Shelly Berman and Steve Risberg presented Reflections on the Lucent Problem of the Week and Related Pedagogical Issues.

New T2T FAQ (8 December 2000)
Answers to a frequently asked question: Algebra Help: How do I help students learn algebra?

Submissions to the Math Forum's Problems of the Week (PoWs) (7 December 2000)
The Math Forum's Problems of the Week received more than 13,500 student responses to the four puzzles completed during November. The Middle School PoW received the most submissions with 4,699; the Geometry PoW followed with 3,555; Elementary received 2,333; Algebra 2,236; Discrete Math 457; and Trig/Calc 263.

Varnelle's Primary Math Activities (1 December 2000)
Varnelle's Primary Math Activities have been chosen as an an Eisenhower National Clearinghouse Digital Dozen selection for December, 2000.


Problem of the Week Student Recognition (30 November 2000)
The Math Forum's Problem of the Week student recognition pages for the 2000-01 school year are now on the Web. We wish to congratulate all the teachers and students who are taking part. We receive approximately thirty-five hundred submissions to these six Internet projects each week.

November additions to the Forum's Internet Mathematics Library (29 November 2000)
More than 380 sites were updated or added to the Math Library in November 2000, for a total archive of 7970 entries.

Varnelle's Primary Math - Introduction to Measurement (24 November 2000)
A unit by Varnelle Moore, designed to introduce young children to beginning concepts in measurement: building houses, short vs. tall, brick walls, designing bridges, and measurement, with teacher support extension ideas. Lessons include interactive, manipulative-based projects, technology, paper/pencil practice, and literature connections.

New feature for the T2T FAQ page: Math in the Real World (15 November 2000)
Mathematics and Elections: Classroom resources for studying and explaining the mathematics involved in the election process.

New T2T FAQ (9 November 2000)
Answers to two frequently asked questions: Assessment Suggestions: How can I assess my students? and Preparing for Assessment: How can I prepare my students for assessments?

November Conferences and Workshops (7 November 2000)

American Association of Two Year Colleges (AMATYC) Fall 2000 Conference, November 9-12, 2000: In exhibitors' sessions at this conference, held in Chicago, Ilinois, Sheldon Berman and Judy Ann Brown presented WebCT and The Math Forum: On-Line Courses and Mathematics on the Internet with WebCT Champion Karen Allnutt highlighting Math Forum services and the use of the WebCT environment to provide on-line support for mathematics instruction.

Educational Technology Training Center Workshop, November 7, 2000: In this workshop, held at Antheil Elementary School in Ewing, New Jersey, Richard Tchen presented The Math Forum: Internet Searches, Projects, and Quizzes.

Penn-Delco School District Professional Development Workshop, November 7, 2000: In this workshop, held in Aston, Pennsylvania, Sheldon Berman and Annie Fetter were assisted by Kristina Lasher and Lynne Steuerle in presenting The Math Forum: Your Portal to Mathematics Resources on the Internet: A Guided Tour for Teachers.

California Mathematics Council (CMC) - South's 41st Annual Fall Conference, November 3-5, 2000: At this conference, held in Palm Springs, California, Suzanne Alejandre presented Internet Sites and Algebraic Thinking.

Apply to join the T2T Service (1 November 2000)
Teacher2Teacher is a question-and-answer service serving the needs of the mathematics teaching community. You are invited to apply online to become a member of the panel of Teacher2Teacher Associates, teaching professionals who answer questions received by the service.


Submissions to the Math Forum's Problems of the Week (PoWs) (30 October 2000)
The Math Forum's problems of the week received more than 14,800 student responses to the four puzzles completed during October. The Middle School PoW received the most submissions with 5,491; the Geometry PoW followed with 3,575; Algebra received 2,395; Elementary 2,204; Discrete Math 636; and Trig/Calc 394.

October Conferences and Workshops (26 October 2000)

Association of Mathematics Teachers of New Jersey 13th Annual Two-Day Conference, October 25-26, 2000: At this conference, held in Somerset, New Jersey, Judy Ann Brown presented Using the Math Forum Problems of the Week to Practice Communicating Mathematics Over the Internet, and Sheldon Berman with Judy Ann Brown spoke about Your Portal to Mathematics Resources on the Internet: A Guided Tour for Teachers.

Tidewater Council of Teachers of Mathematics Fall Conference, October 21, 2000: At this conference, held at Granby High School in Norfolk, VA, Gail Englert, one of the Math Forum's Teacher2Teacher Associates, presented a session on The Math Forum: As Portal to Mathematics on the Internet.

39th Northwest Mathematics Conference, October 19-21, 2000: At this conference, held in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, Suzanne Alejandre presented Using the Math Forum's Ask Dr. Math Site as an Instructional Tool, and Applets and Their Uses; and Judy Ann Brown spoke about Mathematics Education on the Internet, and The Math Forum's "Problems of the Week."

Professional Development Session, October 18, 2000: At this meeting, held in Newark, NJ, Sheldon Berman of the Math Forum and Steve Risberg, Administrator for the Lucent-Rutgers Problem of the Week (L-PoW), led a staff development session for 25 Newark teachers involved in the Lucent-Rutgers Grant.

Northeast Regional Conference, NCTM, October 12-14, 2000: At this conference, held in Philadelphia, PA, Arlene L. Dowshen and Lois Barson of Widener University, Chester, PA, spoke on Problem Solving for Preservice, In-Service Elementary School Teachers and Students: Using PoWs from the Math Forum; and Hollylynne Stohl Drier, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, and Sheldon Berman of the Math Forum presented Teaching with Technology: Exemplary Lessons, Intuitive Software, and Internet Resources.

New Elementary Problem of the Week FAQ (25 October 2000)
Tips for Writing Solutions: provides suggestions and points out some common traps to avoid: How do you write a good math solution?

New T2T FAQ (22 October 2000)
Learning to Multiply: answers to a frequently asked question: How can I help students learn their multiplication facts?

Encouraging Mathematical Thinking videopaper (from the Math Forum's Bridging Research & Practice [BRAP] Group) chosen for the Digital Dozen (7 October 2000)
Each month, a team with math, science, education, and Web publishing expertise from the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse staff selects 13 high-quality mathematics and science Web sites to feature on ENC Online. [Read the ENC Brief Record or the Full Record.]

ESCOT Problem of the Week (2 October 2000)
A new service: these problems, aligned with the middle school curriculum but not replacing the current Middle School Problems of the Week, include interactive Java applets designed to help students visualize the mathematics involved in finding a solution. You will need to download software in order to participate in this project.

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