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Rhombic Dodecahedron - Hidden Within or Surrounding the Cube? - Joyce Frost and Kris Koch (31 December 2005)
In this classroom activity, a PCMI Resource for Teachers, the interconnections between a cube and a rhombic dodecahedron are illustrated.
New Look for Our Newsletter (30 December 2005)
Kicking off our eleventh year of newsletters, our year-end issue sported a new look! Always free, the Math Forum @ Drexel Internet News still focuses on the same quality of content: valuable sites on mathematics and key issues in math education. Following the lead of our new home page, future issues will also start featuring a visual design, plus show conference announcements and other opportunities from collaborators. And as with our web pages, we'll offer you a link to continue reading the newsletter in plain text. Our archived version will continue to be available here. We welcome your comments about our new look!
Our New Home Page (20 December 2005)
On Tuesday, December 20, we unveiled our new home page! Featuring a slideshow that depicts students of Georgetown Day School, this collaboration with J Street Consulting answers your calls for a more functional, visually attractive, mathematically oriented welcome to the Math Forum site. The re-design also lets you search right from the home page, and learn more about sustaining our work through institutional sponsorship. We still offer a text-only version of the page, linked from the lower right-hand corner. We invite you to provide us with feedback.
Math Symposium (20 December 2005)
Stephen Weimar and Suzanne Alejandre gave two presentations at the School District of Philadelphia's Math Symposium hosted by the School of Education, Drexel University. Using Rubrics in the Classroom included an exploration of the Pennsylvania State rubrics and the development of rubrics to effectively engage students, improve the assessment of student learning, and deepen understanding of the key mathematical ideas in the core curriculum. Integrating Problem-Solving and Mathematical Communication featured how to teach key problem-solving strategies in the context of the Math Forum Problems of the Week, which are now available to School District of Philadelphia teachers and customized for alignment with the core curriculum.


Dr. Math® Introduces Geometry (28 November 2005)
The latest edition of NCTM's Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, features a review of Dr. Math® Introduces Geometry in the Window on Resources section of their journal. Rebecca J. Kessler, The Miami Valley School, Dayton, Ohio, the author of the review ended by writing, "This book would be especially nice for a summer enrichment program for fifth through eighth grade where students are introduced to geometry, then asked to appy the concepts in projects connected to the topic. Dr. Math could also be substituted for the regular geometry section in textbooks. I liked the format and the way that the topics were discussed and explained."
Maryland Institute College of Art Student Practicums (17 November 2005)
A new section has been added to Symmetry and Pattern: The Art of Oriental Carpets, a joint project of The Textile Museum and The Math Forum. For a course in Islamic Art History, undergraduates in Carol Bier's class "Pattern in Islamic Art" dyed textiles, cut paper, painted, drew, and used graphic software and other techniques to create artwork demonstrating various kinds of patterns. Bier, working with Richard Tchen, has provided pictures of her students' practicums, plus descriptions of materials and process, along with an "Artist's Narrative" and "Teacher's Comment" for each.
Problems of the Week: About The Program (16 November 2005)
Starting November 17, 2005, a membership will be required to access the Current Problems (Geometry, Algebra, Pre-Algebra, and Math Fundamentals). If a Membership was purchased prior to this date, the user will maintain the level of access they currently have through September 1, 2006.


The Math Forum @ Drexel at CMC-South (9 October 2005)
Suzanne Alejandre gave two workshops at the 46th Annual California Mathematics Council - Southern Section conference to be held November 4-5, 2005, in Palm Springs, California. The Math Forum @ Drexel provided information about services and products at Booth 230 in the Exhibit Hall.
Math Forum Problem Solving Workshop (7 October 2005)
Annie Fetter, Richard Tchen, and Suzanne Alejandre worked with teachers from Camden County from 9:00 to 3:00, October 6 and 7, at the Camden County ETTC in Sicklerville, New Jersey.
Technology Problems of the Week (tpows) in Spanish (6 October 2005)
The translation of all of our current tPoWs into Spanish has been completed. Students are invited to use the link "Submit your answer" to share their solutions, and then "self-mentor" using specially designed hints, checks, and suggestions for extensions.
FunPoW: Free Mentoring Opportunity (3 October 2005)
Mentors from the University of Victoria are offering free mentoring for the next Math Fundamentals Problem of the Week. Victoria in Bloom will be active October 10 through 23. Please have your students submit solutions. If your students receive replies from a mentor, encourage them to revise. Not only will your students learn more, but the mentors will learn as well!
Tráfico Apretado (1 October 2005)
We are excited to announce that we are translating all of our current Technology Problems of the Week (tPoWs) into Spanish. Tráfico Apretado (Traffic Jam) is the first one we have ready and the other ten problems will follow soon. Students are invited to use the link "Submit your answer" to share their solutions, and then "self-mentor" using specially designed hints, checks, and suggestions for extensions.

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