We have a well-developed and growing section of pages devoted to dynamic geometry. It contains demo versions, sample sketches, tours and activities, and discussion groups for the software programs Geometer's Sketchpad and Cabri Geometry.

The Forum Web Units provide a collection of high-level, user-contributed lesson plans that explore the possibilities that the Web brings to education through its ability to combine hypertext, interactivity, multimedia, and communication at a distance.

From the Internet Software page you can download copies of the freely distributed software we use here at our Forum workshops.

The Learning & Math Discussions were newsgroup discussions inspired by recent work on how students learn mathematics. Participants were mathematicians, teachers of mathematics, and students of educational psychology.

The Math Forum hosts week-long institutes each summer, and the work that has come out of them is central to the content found on the site. Attempts have been made to leave these pages in a state that will be helpful to anybody interested in how we conduct workshops.

The Forum is the official site for Math Awareness Month (April).