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Question 1 -
When looking at a map of the distribution of telephone area codes for North America, it appears that they are randomly distributed. I am doubtful that this is the case, however. Does anyone know how the area codes were/are chosen? Show Answer

Question 2 -
Name ten body parts that are spelled with three letters. No slang words. Show Answer

Question 3 - coincidence:
Name some amazing coincidences. Show Answer

Question 4 - eskimo.snow:
How many words do the Eskimo have for snow? Show Answer

Question 5 - federal.reserve:
What is the pattern to this list:
Boston, MA
New York, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Cleveland, OH
Richmond, VA
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
St. Louis, MO
Minneapolis, MN
Kansas City, MO
Dallas, TX
San Francisco, CA Show Answer

Question 6 - jokes.self-referential:
What are some self-referential jokes? Show Answer

Question 7 - memory.tricks:
When asked to name a color, many people answer "red." What are some other examples of this phenomenon? Show Answer

Question 8 - quotations:
Where can I find the source for a quotation? Show Answer

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