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Internet Math Projects

Germantown Academy Math Projects


Class2Class is a clearinghouse designed to facilitate student and class participation in Internet projects, including collaborative projects,data-collecting experiments, peer tutoring, and keypal exchanges designed to enhance the mathematics in your math, science and interdisciplinary curricula.

Math Forum Student Projects

Way Cool Math Projects

Web pages by a 5th grade classroom that has been working on different hands-on Math Projects from 4th to 6th grade levels - interactive pages that show work samples and lessons of the most exciting math units studied.

Fractal Lesson by Cynthia Lanius

What's So Hot About Fractals," and directions to make Sierpinski Triangle, Koch's Snowflake

No Matter What Shape Your Fractions Are In


Fascinating Folds. Symbols, simple fold (swan), and challenges.


Set of lessons for making tessellations by Suzanne Alejandre. Includes historical links and explanations of the math involved in tessellations.

Polyhedra - Math Unit by Suzanne Alejandre

Tangrams by Tom Scavo

Make your own tangrams, calculate area and other activities.

World of M.C. Escher

The Abacus

Golden Mean

Golden section, triangle, spiral, and how to make them with all the math involved.


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