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Student Work

The following examples are student work from Connecting Geometry.

Russell has constructed a beautiful symmetrical graphic design using transformations:

Megan created this beautiful quilt pattern which she calls "Sugar Cane at Night":

Tabber has constructed this tangram challange.

Can you construct this yellow puppy using the tangram pieces shown below? The solution is at the very bottom of the page:

Jenepher has created a very nice Origami, using geometric terms in her instructions:

Jonathan H. Is a fan of "Golden Geometry", and has created this fascinating project on the Golden Spiral:

Sara has drawn a set of steps in this 3-D drawing project for chapter 7:

Robert created a beautiful Tessellation for his ch 8 project:

Adrienne has done a wonderful job using similar triangles to measure the height of a tall tree:
Ms. Hale created this beautiful castle using prisms, pyramids, cones and cylinders. Then she calculated the volume.


Main Body: 2.7*.71=1.917*.71=1.36107, Draw Bridge: 1.27*.13=.1651*.13=.021463, Towers: .24*.24=.0576times pi +.0576*.96=.054796times pi


Top of tower: 1/3*.0529times pi*.43=.01763times pi*.43=.0075809times pi, Pyramids lining top: 1/3*.1024*.31=.0105813333, Main Body--Length=2.7 Height=.71, Draw Bridge--Legnth=1.27 Height=.13. Towers--Radius=.24 Height=.96, Top of Tower--Radius=.23 Height=.43, Pyramids lining top--Length of Base=.32 (square) Height=.31

And here is the solution to Tabber's Tangram puzzle:

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