Connecting Geometry©


Ch. 1

Communicating in Geometry

Defining terms, drawing geometric figures, exploring geometry and The Geometer's Sketchpad, applications: Structures


Ch. 2

Symmetry & Transformations

Types of symmetry, translation, rotation, reflection, dilation, applications: Graphic Design


Ch. 3

Theorems in Geometry

Discovering relationships, verifying the truth of conjectures, deductive & inductive reasoning, applications: History of Geometry


Ch. 4

Congruent Triangles

Proving triangles congruent, making conclusions from congruent triangles, deductive reasoning, applications: Tangrams


Ch. 5

Triangle Properties

Types of triangles, discovering properties, lines in triangles, equidistance, centers, Pythagoras, applications: Origami


Ch. 6

Right Triangles

Right triangles, The Pythagorean Theorem, Special right triangles, applications: graphic design, right triangle spirals


Ch. 7

Parallel Lines & Planes

Parallels, coordinates, slope, draw & visualize in 3-D, Plane, & solid geometries, applications: Perspective Drawing


Ch. 8


Types of polygons, quadrilateral properties, sum of exterior and interior angles, applications: Tessellations


Ch. 9

Similar Triangles

Defining similarity, proving triangles similar, using ratio and proportion, applications: Indirect Measurement


Ch. 10


Chords & angles in circles, angles & arcs, inscribe & circumscribe, , applications: Graphs and Charts


Ch. 11

Perimeter & Area

Methods of finding perimeter and area, maximum and minimum questions, applications: Architecture


Ch. 12

Surface Areas & Volumes

Methods of finding surface area and volume, area and volume ratios, applications: Castles


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