Creative Geometry

Creative Geometry is a set of web pages designed by a geometry teacher and written for both geometry teachers and geometry students. In these web pages, teachers and students will find creative and interesting "hands-on" projects for most topics in the geometry curriculum. Each project is designed to help students understand, remember, and find value in the concepts of geometry.

I have found that when students become truly involved in their learning, they understand, remember, and "own" the material. It has always been my fervent wish that students find mathematics interesting, important, and accessible. I hope the projects in these web pages will amuse, engage, inspire, educate, and elucidate, and will provide creative learning opportunities for students.

I would like to dedicate these web pages to my wonderful students, over 5.000 of you in my 36 years of teaching. You have inspired and taught me more than you will ever know. I hope these pages will inspire other teachers to give their own students opportunities to demonstrate their talents and their creativity.

Cathleen V. Sanders

All human knowledge thus begins with intuitions, proceeds thus to concepts, and ends with ideas" Hilbert, David (1882 - 1943).

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