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Amy, Dark and Light


Amy's day care center had virtually no available light, and I wasn't using a flash.

First I tried pushing Tri-X film. Pushing is not a method I particularly recommend, but in this case it yielded a soft, 'painterly' quality. The negatives were a challenge, however; they were so thin I had to burn in in everything but Amy's face to produce background tones darker than middle grey. I decided to try something else.

The 'something else' was flash, but Amy was sleeping and blankets, floor, cot, toys, and discarded clothing around her made for a chaotic background. I moved in, the flash went off, and Amy never stirred.

This time darkroom work was much easier, but I had no leeway in cropping: it was close or nothing. The contrast was not too great because I was able to eliminate the shadows around the edges.

Sarah Seastone

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