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Canoe, Chetek, Wisconsin
Fishing Boats, Orleans, Massachusetts


Late afternoon light fell across a light-blue canoe and a few patches of grass. It looked like a potential picture, but what to meter? I felt like the photographer alone in the woods measuring the light falling on every leaf and blade of grass who suddenly heard a voice from above - the voice of Ansel Adams? - saying, "Bracket!" I put the camera on a tripod and took seven shots, bracketing in half-stop increments. One of them was fairly easy to print.

The fishing boats were not a difficult problem where exposure was concerned, but there was just one moment when the outbound boat in the distance was in precisely the right place. Photography can certainly be an exercise in wait-and-hurry-up. These boats were leaving a harbor on Cape Cod, very early in a morning mist.

Sarah Seastone

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