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Math to Build On - Afterword

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This is the end of this book, but not the end of the process for you or us. You have more to learn in your trade and we have more to write about the subject of how math is used to solve problems. Both of our journeys are never ending because each thing learned reveals another thing yet to be learned.

The information in this book comes from centuries of people sharing their knowledge and skills with others. None of it is new. We acknowledge our debt to many sources that we learned from through the years. Some of the information came verbally from crafts people in the field. Some came from schools. Some came from trade and math books.

We learn by sharing. Please add your part by being unselfish and sharing the information and skills you've learned. You have had to work hard to gain these skills, and, if another person is willing to do the same, give him or her a hand.

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