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Seeing is Believing

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Many people's understanding of math is enhanced by seeing it work. If you are one of those people, the following section is written for you. Working this section is not only helpful in developing your drawing skills, but in confirming calculations as you work in the other sections of this book.

A compass icon has been placed throughout
this book. It indicates that there is a drawing
practice in this section to help with your
understanding of that particular material.

The tools needed for this section are:
A straight edge ruler to make straight lines.

A compass (or trammel points) to make curved lines.

A protractor to visually check the angles.

Scissors or an Exacto knife to cut out the designs you draw.

A flexible ruler (I use one 1/4 " wide x 8'.)

The materials needed are:

Newsprint (you can find it in large pads at art or office supply stores or go by your local newspaper and buy end rolls.)

Stiff cardboard, foam board, or the sides of a box.

Remember: Whether you use these tools or not, it always helps to draw problems out.

On to Fractions of the Ruler

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