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Norman Shapiro has assembled a "GTA Basic Kit" that can be downloaded as PDF files. He invites teachers, parents and students to sharing these resource materials (PDFs) for easy downloading and replication. All that is required is an Acrobat Reader and a computer printer. These print out on 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper. These become master for copier and scanner replication and use by teachers as well as students and parents.

"The GTA Basic Kit" contains more than 40 selections, listed here. If you need more information as to their employment, e-mail Norman Shapiro. Please state the grade level and geometry activity or topic you would like to know more about. Send your postal address if you are not able to download these PDF files. (There will be a fee for the costs of postage and printing.)

The GTA Basic Kit represents materials culled from more than 2 decades of working with teachers and students at grade levels K -12. The art activities are 2 and 3 dimensional, including drawing, coloring, cutting and pasting. Most projects make attractive displays and one-of-a-kind art works by students. Engaging in making the learning experience tactile and visual entails learning as a heuristic experience.

Norman Shapiro welcomes inquiries and requests for assistance. It is important to state: age and grade level of students, and the specific topics.

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