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Norman Shapiro

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Norman Shapiro, M.A., is a teacher and artist. His works are in many collections, including New York's Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum, and at The Firth Avenue Print Collection of the New York Public Library. His book art works are in many university libraries and private collections. For decades his interdisciplanry methods have enlivened how art is used in interdisciplinary ways in many schools across Long Island. His Teaching Geometry Through Art workshops have been sponsored by both art and math teacher organizations. In this past year, Norman has conducted workshops teachers in Stamford, Connecticut, and on Long Island. The Nassau County Math Teachers Association at their annual meeting invited Norman to present this year's keynote address on the importance of geometry and art in the math curriculum.

Norman Shapiro would like to share his materials with the cyberspace audience beyond his geographical limits. He offers workshops and other programs. He offers copier masters that teachers have found they can use on their own and which they say are as basic as lined paper is for writing stories. If you're interested, write to Norman Shapiro; if you know how to download graphics, he can send you samples via e-mail. When you write, let him know the grade and subject area you teach. If you cannot download graphics, send him your postal address and he'll mail you a packet of ready-to-use materials. There will be a charge for postage and printing costs.

In these Web pages the Forum provides a sample of what Norman Shapiro can send you. If you own the Geometer's Sketchpad (version 3) you can download and print out many of the graphics right from your Web browser. Here's a sample sketch (104K). Demo versions of Sketchpad are available from the Forum for Mac and Windows.

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