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Our goals are to help students learn mathematics, and to help schools improve math education. In addition to our public web site, each year we offer special programs for selected schools where our staff works directly with you to:

  • support teachers who would like to learn more mathematics or more about how students learn math

  • learn about and integrate some of the new software and technology that can make a big difference in your math classrooms

  • expand your school's resources through programs such as our mentoring services

  • organize Internet resources and provide online support services for teachers and students that match your local standards and performance goals.

Our programs are customized to meet your academic needs and time constraints. Teachers appreciate our workshops and online support because we focus on what they want: math content that works with their students. We are collaborators, helping you accomplish your goals using the resources at our disposal and other partners in your area.

Read about our programs in these pages and contact us to explore possibilities for your school(s).

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