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Your response and effort in this matter is very much appreciated. I'm amazed someone would go to so much trouble to help a stranger. You are a wonderful and caring person! I will send a printout of this e-mail [about basic math for students with learning disabilities] directly to my 8th grader's parents. Thanks again, J.A.

Many thanks -- I think your analysis is correct, based on my conversations with our teacher candidates. Now I know what kind of question they are being asked to answer [about geometric shapes called "zaxes"], and I know how to help them. Best, S.C.

I thank you very much for taking the time to offer such a practical solution to my problem [about finding a "number balance"]. What a terrific idea! Gratefully, Mrs. B.

Thank you very much for your response. I think it will be useful for my students to comprehend the concept of the number... for my satisfaction I am trying to describe the number concept, which seems to me so abstract, in a general and elegant way. Thanks for all. Sincerely, S.H.

Thank you very much for the additional information that you were kind enough to send to me [about teaching probability and statistics using The Cartoon Guide to Statistics]. It's a great idea, and I'm going to research the book. Again, thank you. -S.R.

Thanks for the suggestion about Pascal's triangle. We are going to try it now. They are reading this email over my shoulder as I write this. There are few secrets in this room. I told you they were smarter than the average BEAR! Thanks for a quick response. -J.F.

Thank you very much! Your advice [about teaching commission earnings] was very helpful. I hope this class turns out to be a grand success. Greatly appreciated. -S.M.

Thank you for the information. I was so pleased with what you instructed me to do [about teaching place value to a 4th grader], that that very afternoon I did some work with my daughter. -J.

Thanks for getting back to me so fast [about the history of quadratics]! I really appreciate it. -M.

Subject: Your AMAZING site! I love your site! Just love it!
I'm a third year Mathematics/Education student at University of Waterloo, in Ontario Canada, and when our club (Teaching Students Association) found out about your site, we were overcome with joy! What an amazing site you have! We've all found great information for our essays for our Mathematics History class, and also help for our last assignment on proving the Pythagorean Triple formulas. Furthermore, we're completely excited about your teacher section for when we are on our teaching work terms! Now we can get answers to questions the students ask that we have trouble answering, and also some great teaching ideas for difficult concepts! I'm going to tell all my teaching student friends about it, and my regular math friends, and we'll use it on our upcoming work terms, and when we're finally done school and teaching on our own! Thank you for such a great site! -A.K.L.

WONDERFUL! This is exactly what I am looking for. I teach an advanced eighth grade class. I have enjoyed so much hearing from the Teacher2teacher service and you have been so prompt and helpful. -S.C.

Thank you -- it worked great -- they are doing the problems [on predicting terms in a sequence] now and I only have one student who still doesn't have the hang of it, but he is working with a chart and with practice and flash cards, he will be fine. I am sure that I will be emailing you again and I am very grateful that you are here for me when I am lost, as this is my first year teaching elementary school, and I am lost. -R.

I really appreciate your Math educator's viewpoint. I am a commercial artist and am intrigued with the amazing versatility of tangrams from a creative viewpoint. -S.K.

Thanks for the book suggestion! [D. C. Heath, Mathematics and its Applications.] It sounds fairly similar to the Lial/Miller finite math book we are using now. I will take a look at it and see if it would be an improvement. -J.Z.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply [recommending algebra textbooks]. I am at my wits end trying to work with schools concerning my son's education. I am following up on the info you gave me. I am also saving a copy of your response to show my son's principal, with other info I have gathered to help validate my own research. Thanks again. -C.K.

Thank you for looking up these sites [on Praxis math exams] for me. I'm pretty sure I can purchase the study guide through Amazon. I have purchased books there in the past without any problems. Again, thank you for taking the time to help me out. Your assistance is much appreciated! -W.S.

Thank you for getting back to me. I encourage both sides of the [Chicago Math] story to be told. I just want to be as educated on the subject as possible before I get involved with the principal. of course all I have heard is positive feedback so far, so I may not have to get involved with the principal at all. Thanks again, especially for the website. -B.R.

Thank you so much for the links and for the great [triangle congruence] activity! My students will be forever grateful. -Ms. R.

Many thanks for the sites on open-ended math problems. -D.K.

Thanks for your response. I understand [about monomials] now, and I think I can help my students to understand, too. The graphing examples will do the trick. Thanks for your time. -W.J.

Thank you so much! Explaining functions went smoothly today. I had a ball using your coke machine idea/explanation. The kids understood your explanation with the coke machine SO MUCH BETTER than the standard definition. Thanks again. -K.M.

Thank you for all the information!!!! I am headed to the library to check out some of the articles. The web-sites you showed me were of help too! Wish me luck on my paper! -T.S.

Thank you -- it worked great -- they are doing the problems now and I only have one student who still doesn't have the hang of it, but he is working with a chart and with practice and flash cards, he will be fine. I am sure that I will be emailing you again and I am very grateful that you are here for me, as this is my first year in elementary school, when I am lost. -R.R.

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