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The Math Forum @ Drexel has worked with a number of schools over the last ten years to:

  • introduce technology for math education, including innovative new software tools such as Geometer's Sketchpad and Fathom.
  • show how to use online resources for students, parents, and teachers.
  • develop a 'collective file drawer' that gathers all activities, lessons, and professional materials across collaborations, and makes them available for future use in wider contexts.
  • establish mentoring programs that provide efficient ways for the broader community to support classroom learning and other goals such as preparation for high stakes testing.
  • help parents and guardians help their children succeed in school.
  • secure grant funding and develop research programs that advance local improvement efforts and provide opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

Programs include:

  • Student Learning Services
    • Ask Dr. Math @ YourSchool: responding to questions from students, parents, teachers, administrators and others involved with mathematics education in your district, helping them learn math and problem-solving strategies.
    • YourSchool's Problems of the Week: Creative, non-routine challenges for students to solve in a mentored environment, aligned with current standards of mathematical content and communication.
    • Collaborative student team projects developing mathematics web pages.
    • Older students mentoring younger students.

  • Teacher Professional Services
    • Master teacher mentoring of new and pre-service teachers coordinated with local in-service education programs, and extending the reach of your professional development staff and curriculum specialists.
    • Development of targeted classroom activities, support for lesson planning, and publication of teacher-created curricular materials.
    • Online and onsite workshops for continuing education in mathematics and the application of technology to the math classroom.
    • Professional development programs based on student work in the online services, integrating research on student learning with classroom practice.
    • Recruitment of new teachers into the profession through the mentoring programs.

  • Home Services
    • Facilitated Family2Teacher and Family2District Forums around issues of math teaching and learning, or more general policy and extra-curricular issues.
    • Parent and adult guardian education on mathematics and the curriculum.
    • Community participation program for the online mentoring and materials development services.

  • Curriculum Based Services
    • Present interactive services and deliver resources organized according to adopted curriculum standards.
    • Structure online math resources, expert services and challenge problems around text book and other curriculum material so that teachers can more quickly find just the materials needed and students can more easily navigate to the content that will help them.
    • Work with publishers and district curriculum specialists to respond to teacher feedback on student use of curriculum-related online resources and services.

See also our Sample School Web Site.

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