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Professional Development Workshop
21 March 2002

Thinking About and Doing Problems

Thinking About Teaching

The NCTM Professional Teaching Standards ( offer a point of departure to thinking about the structures and situations in which students engage mathematical content.
The Professional Teaching Standards focus on the interaction of the
that are central to the WHAT students DO, and HOW they do it.

For example, in the Introduction of the Professional Teaching Standards there are sets of questions you might find useful to help students:
  • work together to make sense of mathematics;

  • rely more on themselves to determine whether something is mathematically correct;

  • learn to reason mathematically;

  • learn to conjecture, invent, and solve problems, and;

  • connect mathematics, its ideas, and its application.

Thinking About Mathematical Content

The Draft Revised Core Curriculum Content Standards in Mathematics
( focus on the mathematical content that should be addressed:

(Numbered) Standards and Associated (Lettered) Strands
  • 4.1. Number and Numerical Operations
    • A. Number Sense
    • B. Numerical Operations
    • C. Estimation

  • 4.2. Geometry and Measurement
    • A. Geometric Properties
    • B. Transforming Shapes
    • C. Coordinate Geometry
    • D. Units of Measurement
    • E. Measuring Geometric Objects

  • 4.3. Patterns and Algebra
    • A. Patterns and Relationships
    • B. Functions
    • C. Modeling
    • D. Procedures

  • 4.4. Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Mathematics
    • A. Data Analysis (Statistics)
    • B. Probability
    • C. Discrete Mathematics--Systematic Listing and Counting
    • D. Discrete Mathematics--Vertex-Edge Graphs and Algorithms

  • 4.5. Mathematical Processes
    • A. Problem Solving
    • B. Communication
    • C. Connections
    • D. Reasoning
    • E. Representations
    • F. Technology

Evaluation Forms

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