Unfortunately, the sketch you've requested cannot be downloaded directly into Sketchpad for technical reasons. However, the sketch is available if you download the appropriate package.

(For the technically inclined, here's why: Sketchpad allows users to embed pictures and sounds in their sketches. On the Macintosh, these are stored as conventional PICT or 'snd' resources for easy access and editing by a variety of programs. However, Macintosh resources are stored in a different part of a document than conventional data. This is a Macintosh-specific concept, and when you pass the file directly over the Internet (with your Web browser, for instance), only the conventional part of the file--the "data fork"--gets copied. The special, Mac-specific part (the "resource fork") gets left behind, corrupting your file. The file you've requested contains resource-fork data, and so is only available in a package--i. e. in a format which has been specially massaged to work with Internet.)

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