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The Geometer's Sketchpad
Introductory Lab - page 2

Mike Riedy

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Starting The Geometer's Sketchpad:

You will need to find the icon that looks like a circle with a triangle and another circle in it. Once you find the icon, double-click on it. This will get the program up and running. To get started we need to make sure that everyone's computer is doing the same thing. Drag the pointer up to the word DISPLAY at the top of the screen. This is called a MENU.

All menus discussed in this lab will be bolded and in CAPITAL LETTERS. Click and hold the mouse button at the word DISPLAY. You will see a list of words appear below the DISPLAY menu. While still holding the mouse button, drag down to the word "Preferences." Choices under menus will be in quotes (""). Let go of the mouse button while "Preferences" is still highlighted. A screen similar to the picture below will appear. Yours should look exactly identical   to the picture, especially the boxes in the upper left corner. Once your "Preferences" box is identical to the picture, click "OK."

Quitting The Geometer's Sketchpad:

When it is time to go or you are finished, you will need to know how to quit GSP.
  1. Save your work. Choose "Save" under the FILE menu. Make sure that you are saving to your disk in the appropriate folder, not the hard drive. Then click "OK."

  2. Quit GSP. Choose "Quit" under the FILE menu.

    What is the keyboard shortcut for quitting? ______________

  3. Eject your disk. Make sure the icon (picture) of your disk is highlighted, then choose "Put Away" under the FILE menu.

    What is the keyboard shortcut for putting away? ______________

Making Mistakes:

You are bound to make some mistakes while working with the GSP. Don't panic! There is a very simple way to correct a mistake. Simply press and hold down the command key (that's the one with the funny little apple on it), then press the "Z" key. This combination, referred to as "Command Z," will undo, in reverse order, any previous steps you made. There is one catch: Once you save your work you can only "Command Z" back to the point at which you saved. "Command Z" can also be accomplished by choosing "Undo" under the EDIT menu.
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